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Energy-Efficient - EFC3610

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Bosch Rexroth EF3610 Serie – Frequency Inverters

Universal and economical. Bosch EFC3610 frequency inverters are the solution of choice for applications where valuable energy needs to be used responsibly. This Vfd is a universal converter of good quality at low cost. Ideal for reliable speed control and demand-driven power supply.

The Bosch 3610 frequency inverter offers intelligent functions such as expansion options via various I/O and fieldbus modules, a control panel with a parameter copy function and a standard integrated Modbus interface for networks.

EF3610 Serie – Frequency Inverters: main features

Simple parameter input and harmonized parameters throughout the whole series
Motor temperature monitoring
Easy installation thanks to pluggable I/O connection terminals
Fast start-up with the integrated operating panel
Space-saving installation due to compact design
PCB varnish to protect against dirt and damage

Standard Global Compliance

  • Built-in DC Reactor
  • Built-in EMC Filter
  • Global Compliance (UL, CE)

Maximized User Convenience

  • Quick Menu for Easy Acces
  • Side-by-Side Installation
  • Easy to Connect

Complete Automation Innovation

  • Complete your Optimal Solution
  • Increased System Efficiency
  • Easy Control by User-Centric Environment

Technical specifications & more info