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HMI Panel - XGT

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LS Industrial Systems XGT Panel iXP2/iXP/eXP/XP Serie – HMI

Effective and cost-efficient. The LS XGT panel allows you to monitor and control the operational status of certain facilities and equipment. Both the device and the software are user-friendly. The HMI is based on Windows CE and is equipped with a clear and realistic display.

Thanks to its fast data transmission and processing, you benefit from an effective and cost-efficient control and monitoring solution.

XGT Panel iXP2/iXP/eXP/XP Serie – HMI: main features

Effective and cost-efficient control and monitoring solution
Gives superior performance with improved CPU
Communicable simultaneously with PLC, barcode reader, VFD and temperature controller
Slim and light design which provides more space
With USB port in the front, no need to open the control panel to apply changes
RTC (Real Time Clock) function operates with a battery even with the power off

Productivity Improvement

  • Compact Size with High Capacity
  • User-Friendly & Cost Effective
  • Precision & Speed Control

Complete Automation Innovation

  • Complete your Optimal Solution
  • Increased System Efficiency
  • Easy Control by User-Centric Environment