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Servo Drives - L7

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LS Electric L7 Serie – Servo Drive

The LS Electric L7-series Servo Drives visualizes the perfect solution for optimal drives and applications. Its high-performance vector, precision and speed control are user-friendly and cost-effective.

The L7-series provides various functions-backup, network diagnosis, monitoring and built-in functions focused on improving efficiency or a convenient and quick installation and use.

L7 Serie – Servo Drive: main features

User-oriented Xmotion Servo Systems complete your optimal solution
High-performance vector, precision and speed control are user-friendly and cost effective
Compact size with high capacity
Reliability through improved main capacitor quality
Triple protection functions for power module
Stable turn-off function based on the detection of the control power turn-off

Easy to Use

  • Easy Gain Tuning
  • Easy setting built-in Panel Operator
  • Many I/O contacts

High Reliability

  • Real-time capability and synchronization mechanism
  • CE and RoHS certified
  • Drive protection and warn function

Precision Control

  • High Resolution serial type encoder
  • Improved speed response frequency
  • Improved control performance

Technical specifications & more info

Technical specifications

Main power supply (VAC)3~200-230
Control power supply (VAC)1~200-230
Rated current (A)1,4 - 76


CommunicationAll-in-One Type
EtherCAT Type+
Full-Closed Type
Economic I/O Type
Standard I/O Type
Encoder typeQuadrature
Serial Encoder
Analog Encoder

Optional features

Not available

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