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Synchronous - MS2N

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Bosch Rexroth MS2N Serie – Synchronous Servo Motors

Intelligent and powerful. Rexroth's MS2N synchronous servo motors are designed without compromising on quality, reliability and performance. This new generation of motors combines high dynamics with compact dimensions and excellent energy efficiency.

The servo motor can serve as a reliable sensor as well as a data source. This allows applications within an Industry 4.0 environment to be realized cost-effectively and without any additional components.

MS2N Serie – Synchronous Servo Motors: main features

Future-proof with power density, functionality and availability
More torque, high rotational speeds, the practical single-cable connection and an extensive option program
Intelligence in the system
Maximum safety in design and operation
More than 50 motor types in 6 sizes with up to 5 lengths and 3 cooling types
The MS2N motors become a data source for intelligent solutions in the Industry 4.0 environment

High Efficiency

  • Consume Less Energy
  • Low Cos