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TM Serie – Drum Motors

Integrated Solution

  • Improved Efficiency
  • Reduce Use of Space
  • Aesthetical Engineering

Space-Saving Design

  • Reduce Use of Space
  • Space-Efficient Design
  • Compact Engineering

Versatile Accessories

  • Many Options & Accessories
  • User-Specified Options
  • Endless Possibilities

TM Serie – Drum Motors: main features

Enclosed drive unit largely protected against external influences
Can be executed with various rubber or ceramic coatings
Smaller installation dimensions, low energy costs and a low total cost of ownership
No danger of damage compared to externally mounted drives
Various special designs/executions on request

Technical specifications & more info

Technical specifications

Belt speed (m/s)0,03 - 4,5
Output speed (RPM)6,0 - 600
Belt pull (N)42 - 56.318
Nominal torque (Nm)1 - 22.527
Motor3-phase asynchronous AC-Motor
Power range (kW)0,03 - 132
Voltage/frequency230 / 400V - 50Hz
Protection classStandard IP55, max. IP66
LubricationSAE 100
Lifetime (L10h)
CertificatesCE, cCSAus
Isolation classF


Drum length (mm)355 - 1.550
Drum diameter (mm)61,5 - 800
Shaft dimensions D/E/F/B (mm)20/14/18/2,5 - 120/300/370/120
Clamping length L + x (mm)L + (5 - 300)
Clamping surfacesVertical, horizontal
Connection typeTerminal box

Optional features

Also available as guide drum

PTC thermistor

Bimetal temperature switch

Pole-changing motor

1-phase motor, rubber or ceramic coatings

Sprocket / toothed belt disc

Special voltage / frequency

Rust or acid protecting coating of metal parts

Higher ambiant temperature resistance

Special shaft configurations

Labyrinth seal

Sealing disc



Clamping bearings

Incremental encoder

Inquire availability

Repair & Maintenance

Is a current component or drive system in need of maintenance or repair? BEGE has extensive knowledge of a wide variety of drives and systems. We guarantee a rapid resumption of operational procedures.

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