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Ladder Logic PLC - XGK

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LS Electric Rack type XGT Serie – PLC

XGK: Ladder Programming from the next-generation XGT-series PLC (Programmable Logic Controller) providing an advanced engineering environment based on open network, fastest processing speed, compact size and user-friendly software.

The LS Electric XGK-series is the perfect solution for high-speed and large scale applications.

Rack type XGT Serie – PLC: main features

Advanced programming environment with Index register (Z), File register (U) and Analog register (U)
Advanced engineering environment based on open network
Premium CPU for high-speed and large scale applications
High performance Ladder programming
Integrated intelligent software package: XG5000
For HMIs, the LS XP builder and for PLCs the XG5000 program is free to download and use
Built-in PID control

General-Purpose Control

  • Control of machinery
  • Improve facilities and assembly lines
  • Easy to use by user defined programs

High Performance

  • Fastest CPU processing speed (28ns/step)
  • I/O point: max 6.144
  • Various types of CPU (64K/128K/256K/512K)

User-Friendly Control

  • Expanded device memory
  • Support advanced programming environment
  • User-friendly software

Technical specifications & more info

Technical specifications

Operation systemCyclic execution of stored program
Time-driven interrupt
Process-drive interrupt
I/O Control systemRefresh system
Direct system by command
Program LanguageLD (Ladder Diagram)
Instruction List
SFC (Sequential Function Chart)
ST (Structured Text)
Loops controlBuilt-in PID


Program capacity (Kbytes)16 - 256
I/O points1.536 - 6.144
Max. I/O memory contact32.768 - 180.224 (Remote I/O)
Processing speed (ns/step)28 - 252

Optional features

Smart I/O Ethernet based block / Expansion type

Smart I/O Serial based block / Expansion type

Smart I/O EtherCAT based / Expansion type

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