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Direct Drive Motors - DD

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LS Electric DD Serie – Direct Drive Motors

High-torque and high-precision operation. The LS Electric Direct Drive Motors are optimized for low-speed, high-torque and high-precision operation due to their reduced coggin torque and optimized torque design.

The Direct Drive structure has no backlash impact, delivers high-precision operation with reduced noise and shortened installation time. It is the perfect solution for highly dynamic application in the robotics industry.

Direct Drive Motors: features & benefits

Direct drive motors with reduced cogging torque and optimized torque design
Optimal ratio of the permanent magnet and coil/slot selected through electromagnetic analysis
Uses the high-performance rotary optical encoder that adopts the BiSS protocol
Compatible with the LS Electric L7 Series AC Servo Drive (3phase AC 220V)
Standard I/O type (serial communication supported) and network type (EtherCAT) applicable
No backlash impact, smooth rotary motion and reduced noise
No gear reduction required
Frequently used in dynamic applications such as packaging machines, logistics machines and semiconductor machines


High precision

Zero backlash



Technical specifications & more info

Technical specifications

Flange Size135, 175, 230, 290, 360
Output speed (rpm)135 t/m 290: 200rpm, 360: 150rpm
Max. speed (rpm)500 - 250
Nominal torque (Nm)3 - 160
Max. torque (Nm)3x Nominal
Power range (kW)0.063 - 2.5
Rated Current [A]1.12 - 14.6
EncoderBuilt-in Serial Single-turn 20-bit encoder (BiSS/Absolute)
Protection classAir-Cooled / Natural Convection
CoolingSelf Cooling
Rated TimeContinuous
Applicable DriveL7 200V Drives


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