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Industrial coatings

We protect our drives with industrial coatings for longer service life. Hygienic, reliable and resistant.

Industrial coatings for optimally protected drives

BEGE offers drives with a longer service life thanks to professional coatings tailored to specific applications.

Safety and continuity thanks to industrial coatings

Corrosion and rust are a threat to the life of an aluminum or cast-iron drive unit. A gearbox in the marine sector that is almost constantly exposed to salt and heavy soiling must be resistant to corrosion to avoid the risk of explosion or motor failure.

In food processing machinery, a toxic coating can create a severe health hazard if it unexpectedly flakes off.

To ensure safety and continuity, we supply drives with industrial coatings. This protects our aluminum and cast-iron gear motors, gearboxes and electric motors and makes them more durable. The high-quality coatings offer excellent protection against dirt, bacteria and corrosion. This saves time, money and resources, and it extends the life of the drive.

Benefits of industrial coatings in power drive technology

Longer life

A coating greatly extends the lifetime of the drive in a demanding environment.


A coating contributes to cost savings by reducing maintenance, replacements, downtime and outages.


A coating makes the drive water-repellent, so moisture cannot adhere to the surface and corrosion is unlikely.


A coating provides permanent protection against scratches and other damage, and it prevents wear.

Food-safe STEEL-IT coating

Machines in the food industry often come into contact with moisture, fats and bacteria. For thorough cleaning, they must be resistant to water and aggressive cleaning agents. By applying a food-safe coating to an aluminum motor, gearbox or gear motor, we offer an alternative to a more expensive stainless steel version.

We use a two-component acrylic resin paint to give the drive a weather-resistant top coat with excellent surface hardness.

The STEEL-IT coating has been specifically developed for treating materials that come into contact with food, in accordance with HACCP requirements. The manufacturer is the market leader in corrosion-resistant and durable coatings. They are known for their unrivaled stainless steel micro-flakes, and the addition of a 316L stainless steel reinforcing agent makes the paint very durable and corrosion resistant. With a STEEL-IT coating, the surface is effectively 50% high quality stainless steel, which explains the paint’s robust protection.

The coating is non-toxic and FDA approved for contact with food, and it does not create a health hazard if it flakes. We apply one or more coats, depending on the application, substrate and protection requirements.

  • Suitable for contact with disinfectants
  • Direct contact with food does not lead to health risks
  • Fast and reliable cleaning
  • Ideal for applications such as food production, processing, filling and packaging.

Corrosion-resistant coating

Machines in the marine and offshore sector are exposed to humidity, wind, cold, heat, salt and chemicals every day. This can lead to corrosion or other forms of wear, adversely affecting production quality, continuity and ease of maintenance.

To prevent drive corrosion, we apply a special C5M coating to our cast-iron gearboxes and electric motors. This protects them against surface rust and oxidation, among other things. The coating we apply to drives in marine and offshore environments is resistant to mineral oil, lubricants, emulsions and solvents. Aggressive environmental conditions do not affect the coated drive com