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BEGE Control Technology

Reliable control solutions that optimize machine efficiency and performance.

Motion Control

We understand the technical challenges faced by machine builders when designing innovative and efficient machines. Motion control is an important part of automation in an industrial environment. BEGE specializes in the control of industrial machines.

Complete Machine Controls

We regard automation technology as the core of industrial production. It makes processes more productive, more efficient, faster and more reliable. To enable our customers to benefit from the advantages of automation, BEGE offers complete machine controls and drive solutions. We do this for machine builders in various sectors, such as the food industry, agriculture and horticulture.

We are a comprehensive supplier of reliable automation systems. As one of the few players in the market, we offer drive and control technology from the same source. And because we also manufacture our own drive components, we can deliver quickly and keep time to market short.

Custom Solutions & Extensive Knowledge and Support

As a knowledge partner, we assist machine builders in automating their control processes and offer reliable control solutions to optimize machine efficiency and performance.

We give advice on the design, tailored to the application. Our engineers select the best-fit control hardware and are able to adapt the software to customer requirements.

With our knowledge, recommendations and support, we work with the machine builder to enhance control over production and increase production capacity.

Control Technology at BEGE

As an industrial automation specialist, we provide reliable controls for efficient and effective machine and production line performance.

Hardware engineering

Hardware engineering is the process of designing, developing, testing and producing various hardware components in order to achieve the best possible control. Components such as PLCs, HMIs, AC drives, sensors and controllers. We only select fully compatible components and ensure that all elements fit together seamlessly and communicate with each other without any problems.

Our hardware engineering is always aligned to the intended functionality, regulations, customer wishes and requirements. BEGE’s hardware engineers convert the design specifications for a control panel into an electrical engineering design for the most economical and sustainable installation possible.

We offer these services for completely new installations as well as adaptation or expansion of existing systems.

Software engineering

Reliable industrial software in the control system is essential for efficient machine operation. Our software engineers are experts in specifying the processes and determining which equipment and automation are necessary. Together with the hardware engineer, the software engineer selects the components to be included in the control system. We work with well-known leading brands, such as LS Electric and Bosch Rexroth.

We translate our advice into functional and technical specifications. We program the necessary software for PLCs, AC drives and HMIs according to these specifications. We draw up test procedures. We assist machine builders with custom PLC control and HMI development, and we can totally update the operating system and convert old programs into newer software.

Knowledge, advice and support

Every machine is different, so default settings are often not sufficient. At BEGE, we know that the manuals of many suppliers are not clear. We understand that knowledge is essential for the correct installation of a machine. That is why our service goes far beyond simply supplying the components. We offer functional knowledge in the form of a quick-start guide that allows you to get started straight away and avoid unnecessary delays.

We are well known in the market for our personal support. We provide extensive support for programming PLCs or AC drives, linking all software to the drive and control components, and tweaking automation processes. We also work with our customer to combine the right software modules for the most effective programming, and we design custom control processes. We advise on the best way to achieve optimal communication between the components. We make life easier for industrial companies by creating, optimizing and maintaining high-quality control solutions.

Your reliable automation partner

We support industrial companies by creating, optimizing and maintaining high-quality automation solutions.

Motion control components

We offer a wide range of industrial motion control components for OEMs that develop innovative machines.

Encoders & sensors

  • Smart Motor Sensor
  • MIG Aluminium flange encoders
  • MIG Stainless steel flange encoders

Motion control & Servo

  • Motion controllers
  • PLC
  • HMI
  • Remote I/O
  • Servo components

Customer-specific drives

No control issue is too complex for our engineers. With our knowledge and expertise, we develop controls for complete production processes and can even control multiple machines without any problems.

We provide expert advice for optimization and offer excellent support. We produce custom hardware and develop software in-house. We also provide integrated panel building for our customers.

Strong in Panel Building for Industrial Applications

Panel building is the most efficient way to build control cabinets and control panels based on automation and electrical diagrams. We engineer the hardware for control technology to create complete and effective systems.

Integrated System Building

Control boxes and control panels are the most important link between man and machine. BEGE builds boxes and panels in which we combine all the components and make the best possible use of the available space. With components distinguished by excellent value for money, our panels have a long service life with minimal maintenance and troubleshooting costs, without compromising efficiency.

We understand the importance of quality, reliability of supply and speed in panel building. We design turnkey panels that work flawlessly, are ergonomically sound and focus on ease of use. We build in accordance with CE, NEN-EN-IEC 60204 and NEN-EN-IEC 61439. On request ATEX and UL are possible as well. And because we only work with high-quality PLCs, motion controllers, frequency converters, HMIs, servo drives and switches, we guarantee high efficiency. We do all the wiring, install the power supply, and test the panels extensively on various systems.

Custom Panel Building

Every application is different, so each control panel is different. This diversity requires expertise, ingenuity and industry knowledge to build a suitable panel. We provide custom panel building. Our engineers design control cabinets that are fully tailored to customer requirements both externally and internally.

Our panels vary in shape, dimensions and materials. We build small and large panels, in aluminum and stainless steel, with or without IP67 protection, with or without an integrated HMI screen, and with an open or closed cooling system.

In addition, the control cabinets and control panels we design are tailored to industry-specific situations. Our panel building helps reduce time to market and minimize the costs associated with machine design, development and implementation.

Drive Solution for Every Industry

Thanks to our in-depth industry knowledge, we are always able to offer a fully integrated custom drive solution. Our engineers know what is important in the sector concerned and apply this knowledge and expertise to optimize drive processes.

Food & Beverage

Food-safe, efficient and hygienic in humid environments.


Energy-efficient, powerful and cost-effective under harsh conditions.


Flexible, accurate and durable for high productivity.

Bulk & Solids

Sturdy and certified for a safe, productive environment.

Marine & offshore

Corrosion-resistant and reliable in demanding or extreme situations.

Our Expertise

  • Control partner with years of experience
  • Expert advice on machine control
  • Excellent support
  • A single source for drive and control technology
  • Custom hardware and software development
  • Professional panel building
  • Optimization of the automation concept
  • Commissioning support
  • Flexible organization with short paths
  • Representative of reputable brands
  • Comprehensive distributor network
  • Reliable, advanced technologies

Customer Benefits

  • Reliable control solutions
  • Efficient production processes
  • Optimum control
  • Complete automation solutions
  • Tailored to customer and industry requirements
  • Complete and effective machine control
  • Increased production capacity
  • Successful implementation of motion control
  • Personal approach and strong commitment
  • Broad and stable product portfolio
  • Global availability and fast delivery
  • Cost efficient and sustainable
  • Increased competitiveness
  • Excellent information accuracy
  • Reduced load on internal planning and design department
  • Safer environment for operators and other employees
  • Optimal use of available space

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