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BEGE Engineering

Specialist in efficient custom engineering, with solutions that perfectly match specific needs and optimize automation processes.

Custom engineering specialist

With our deep technical expertise, co-engineering and innovative approach, we support machine builders and end users in optimizing machine performance and the efficiency of production processes. Our custom solutions fully meet the specific requirements of the customer and industry and always comply with the applicable standards.

Drive Systems

BEGE professionalizes production processes by creating, optimizing and maintaining reliable drive systems.

Control Systems

We understand the technical challenges faced by machine builders when designing innovative and efficient machines.

Custom solutions

Custom solutions that optimize machines for maximum efficiency and performance.

Solid engineering for optimal efficiency

As an engineering partner, BEGE offers a wide range of efficient solutions for industrial automation, supported by seamless end-to-end support and an extensive product portfolio.

Efficient machines and processes

Our drives enable machine builders in various industries to increase productivity and ensure quality.

BEGE proactively addresses drive and control issues and supports the entire process of automating industrial processes and machines – from concept, design and prototype to installation, assembly and commissioning of the machine.

By involving BEGE early on in the thought process, our customers benefit from specialized custom solutions that perfectly match their specific situation. We engineer smart, high-performance solutions that make industrial production more efficient. Our drive and automation systems ensure a reliable machine with optimal performance.

One powerful partner

As we are also a manufacturer of high-quality drive components and have a modern workshop, we can quickly deliver all the products that are essential for a successful industrial automation process. Our extensive product portfolio is invaluable in this respect.

Having these essential disciplines in-house ensures that all processes are seamlessly linked and run according to the automation plan. This way the process from concept to production is considerably shorter than when more than one party is involved. This gives us a unique position that no other supplier in the Netherlands can match.

Specialist in custom engineering for optimal industrial automation

With deep technical expertise and co-engineering, we develop solutions for efficient and reliable machines.


Through co-engineering, we work closely with customers to tackle complex technical issues and develop efficient custom drive and control solutions.

Collaborating with our engineers

In a co-engineering project, we are involved right from the start of the process. We are one of the few suppliers on the market that works closely with our customers’ professionals. We regularly form part of a multidisciplinary team to jointly develop a smart and efficient concept.

By using our extensive technical knowledge at an early stage, customers gain insight into what is possible and not possible. This saves time and money during the rest of the process.

In co-engineering, we work together to deliver an integrated drive and control solution within the set objectives and schedule. We strive for close cooperation on an equal basis with the machine builder or end customer.

Custom solutions for machine builders

We understand that complex technical issues require targeted solutions. As a specialist, we develop custom automation systems. In cooperation with the machine builder, we calculate and analyze prototypes or additions to existing installations.

The different aspects of our expertise come together in the development of drives, controls and custom machine building. Co-engineering provides the required technical knowledge, experience and craftsmanship and leads to innovative custom solutions tailored to specific industry or customer requirements.

We know the answers to the technical challenges our customers are struggling with. The smart solutions we devise are perfectly in line with the requirements package and are developed in accordance with the applicable standards.

Realized engineering solutions

We have implemented countless drive, control and automation solutions for a wide range of customers. Below is a selection of the applications

Brewing machine speed

Beverages & bottling

Brewing machine speed

Wish: Control correct speed of pump and mixing system for brewing machines where hopped wort is produced.
Solution: MIG encoder feedback and HMI monitoring for correct speed setting. Different cycles can easily be programmed and run automatically with a PLC.

Driving IP69K cutting blades

Fish & meat processing

Driving IP69K cutting blades

Wish: Drive for cutting poultry on an automatic processing line with strict hygiene standards.
Solution: A V19-mounted IP69K stainless steel motor with drain channels to discharge waste and water and protect vital seals.

Vibration system for efficient blanching

Vegetable & fruit processing

Vibration system for blanching

Wish: Efficient, high-quality blanching using water, steam or spraying. Solution: Conveyor with a vibration system to separate and blanch vegetables for ready-to-eat meals. The VFD conveyor provides the right processing speed for perfect blanching.

Cutting flowers to varying lengths

Flowers & bulbs

Cutting flowers

Wish: Adjustable cutting unit for cutting flowers at variable lengths.
Solution: To streamline and accelerate flower cutting, a MIG encoder-controlled unit cuts flowers to the HMI setting length. A PLC-controlled conveyor with programmable speed delivers the flowers.

Efficient luggage handling systems

Intralogistics & distribution

Efficient luggage handling systems

Wish: Handle baggage at airports efficiently, quickly and with high capacity.
Solution: Robust baggage handling systems driven by integrated drum motors that can run 24/7. Maintenance free.

Precise palletizer positioning

Intralogistics & distribution

Palletizer positioning

Wish: Automatic bag stacking in different patterns and on different pallets.
Solution: MIG encoder position detection for precise gripper positioning. Together with VFD motors, this enables stacking in different patterns and on different pallets.

Electronic waste shredding

Recycling & waste disposal

Electronic waste shredding

Wish: Crush electronic/electrical waste, cables and aluminum scrap with a granulator or shredder.
Solution: A mechanical controller operating according to the power consumption of the VFD motor ensures optimal machine loading.

Driving offshore fish farm winch system

Sea fishing & fish farm

Driving offshore fish farm winch system

Wish: Winch system for setting and hauling in nets at an offshore fish farm.
Solution: An IP67-protected aseptic gear motor with special C5 marine coating lifts and winds the net with controlled speed.

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