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Food & Beverages

Efficient, food-safe integrated drive solutions, meeting the strictest hygiene standards, with superior resistance to corrosion, acids and alkaline substances.

Your Experienced Partner in the Food Processing Sector

Regulating a conveyor system for optimal product flow. Linking a production process with the correct timing and throughput to guarantee quality and food safety. Easy variations in mixing speed during the mixing process. Safeguarding hygiene through frequent pressure washing.

This is only a small selection of possible applications for our drives. As your partner in drive solutions, BEGE supports OEMs, manufacturers and others in the sector with suitable and sustainable food-grade drive solutions and extensive knowledge of the sector. Such as food safe stainless steel electric motors.

We’re not driven by what we make, but by what we make possible.

Advantages of our drives for the Food & Beverage industry:

Food-Safe & Efficient

  • Strictest hygiene and safety standards
  • Affordable, quality solutions for any application and environment
  • Efficient, hygienic drive solutions suitable for frequency control

Flexible & Always a Good Fit

  • Customer-specific modifications and development
  • Easy, fast batch changes to avoid product delays
  • Large customer-specific stocks and short lead times


  • Effective drive systems for years of service
  • Technical advice on development, sales and support
  • User-friendly and scalable drive systems

Segments within the Food Industry

We have the right drive solution for applications in various segments: Baking
Soft Drinks
Fruits & Vegetables
Prepackaged Meals

Drive Solutions for the Food Processing Industry

Our drive solutions for the Food and Beverage sector are very suitable for applications in humid environments and meet the strictest hygiene standards.

Our Food Processing Customers

Krones AG

Krones AG

“After the acquisition of Ströter GmbH, BEGE ensured the continuity of its product range in a professional and efficient manner, so that we can continue our activities without any concerns and successfully conclude development and improvement projects together with BEGE.”

Kesbeke Pickles

Kesbeke Pickles

“In BEGE, we have found a partner who responds flexibly and reliably, even when it comes to a custom drive system that ensures uninterrupted production”

MdW Technical Support

MdW Technical Support

“I have been working with BEGE for 10 years and I am very pleased with the level of knowledge of all employees. In addition to the expertise and the fact that they are always involved, I am very pleased with their customer-friendly and solution-oriented way of working”

Seafood Parlevliet

Seafood Parlevliet

“BEGE is our partner when it comes to tailor-made solutions. Not only are the food-grade gears food safe, but the maintenance of the gears is also unparalleled with the addition of 30% fiberglass.”


Interesting innovations and comparisons for the Food- and Beverage industry

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