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Integrated Drive Systems

Comprehensive, intelligent drive solutions to achieve efficient, productive installations with maximum continuity.

BEGE’s Integrated Drive Solutions

For manufacturers of machinery, the realization of a profitable installation using drive components is a constant challenge. Combining individual components from different suppliers often causes headaches and other undesirable effects such as wasted time due to contract negotiations, management and process execution.

BEGE provides complete drive systems with components that interact seamlessly, and as you’re only working with a single partner, staying organized is no problem. You’re no longer distracted by multiple agents, different delivery times, transportation options or payment terms, and you also reap the benefits of a solid partnership.

Integrated Drive Systems

We make life easier for industrial enterprises by combining separate components into complete, optimized drive systems.

Higher Productivity and Efficiency

We are fully aware of the importance of efficiency and performance in industrial automation. We know that continuity is what it’s all about. Our integrated drive systems are designed to take this into account. Therefore, we can increase the productivity and efficiency of our customers’ machines, and those of their customers as well.

Our solutions provide flexibility for optimal processing and control. Based on your business needs, we advise and supply the mix of components required for continuity.

Reliable Engineering for Total Solutions

Our integrated drive systems are the result of our desire to make life easier for large and small industrial enterprises through the creation, optimization and maintenance of reliable drives.

This objective is reflected in the efficiency, innovation and reliability of all elements of our drive solution.

Thanks to constant market-driven process innovation, our components combine flawlessly into intelligent drive systems.

The 7 advantages of BEGE’s integrated drive systems

1  A single supplier for all drive components

Order all the elements of the drive system, from frequency inverters, motors and encoders to gearboxes and reducers, from one trusted supplier. We guarantee that everything will connect and communicate perfectly.
Thanks to our extensive stock of replacement machine parts and vital components, you are assured of rapid delivery. We also manage customer inventory at our warehouse to keep your stocks optimized at all times.

2   Proven 100% compatible components

The components we supply are designed and manufactured by us for complete mutual compatibility, guaranteed availability and powerful performance. Extensive testing and analysis ensures the efficient interaction of all quality drive components.

3  Reliable system performance and optimal efficiency

Our stable, extremely reliable integrated solutions result in higher yields, maximum productivity and valuable cost savings.

4  Lower maintenance costs

We design our systems to achieve an optimal balance between maintenance costs and system performance.

5  Smart monitoring and control

We create intelligent systems that optimize drives for Industry 4.0. The use of MIG encoders, HMIs and PLCs allow drive systems to be operated and monitored with the utmost control.

6  Both standard and custom optimized solutions

For every company, we implement a suitable integrated system to fit the unique needs of the company and the specific application.

7  Extensive European service network

Our qualified engineers stay engaged with our customers’ enterprises and are always available for advice and support. We work with various international enterprises throughout Europe to provide them with rapid, comprehensive solutions.

Growing Competitive Advantage

BEGE combines drive technology expertise with knowledge of the specific sector. The result is fully integrated, customer-specific drive solutions that increase the competitive advantage of our customers’ production facilities in a wide range of sectors.

We have the answers to today’s challenges and tomorrow’s needs in industrial production.

Henk van den Top

Van den Top Machinebouw BV

“We rely on BEGE to provide integrated drive solutions and optimized systems. BEGE has proven a reliable partner with extensive technical expertise and a preference for innovation and efficiency. BEGE provides a consistent range of drive system products and is at home in my sector.“

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