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Drive chains & Sprockets

High-quality chains and sprockets for reliable chain drives. Large inventory and rapid delivery.

Reliable chain drives

A chain drive is a simple and effective way to transfer power from electric motors or gear motors to other parts of a machine or assembly. Their main application is in conveyor belts used to transport materials and products. All types of chain drives have high efficiency and ensure slip-free torque transfer. BEGE supplies high-quality chains and sprockets for a wide range of chain drives.

Large stock of transmission components plus rapid delivery

Three phrases best describe our range of drive chains and sprockets: large inventory, immediate availability, and good prices.

We understand that fast delivery of transmission components, without affecting either quality or price, is essential nowadays. We hold a very large stock of chains and sprockets, enabling us to deliver immediately for a short time-to-market.

BEGE stands out from other vendors in the market because we offer sound advice on the most suitable transmission components and the right material for a particular chain drive.

We also offer custom solutions tailored to specific industry or customer requirements. For example, we adjust chains to the right length and fit them with (special) flights, and we modify standard sprockets, for example to have a different bore or tapped hole. Find out more about custom transmission components.

Large stock

Immediate delivery

Adaptable to requirements

Superior quality

Extreme precision

Low price

Drive chains and sprockets

Chain drives are used all around the world because of their high efficiency. We supply high-quality chains and sprockets for the best-performing chain drives.


We offer TYC brand chains, a leading international manufacturer of quality chains. TYC has developed and produced industrial chains for over 60 years.

Our range of industrial chains includes roller chains, hollow pin chains, conveyor chains and leaf (flyer) chains.

Some features:

  • High precision
  • Powerful performance in the toughest situations
  • High mechanical strength and wear resistance
  • Low maintenance
  • Different materials available
  • Extensively tested
  • Interchangeable with standard ANSI/ISO chains


Smooth operation of a chain drive requires not only precision in the chain, but also precision-manufactured sprockets. BEGE offers sprockets, platewheels, clamping bush sprockets and idler sprockets.

We only supply sprockets that enable chains to engage problem-free with the teeth. All are available in the most common sizes, as well as non-standard versions. Some features:

  • High-grade technology
  • Compliant with DIN standards
  • Optimum wear resistance
  • Specific surface treatments are possible
  • Teeth in many different materials on request
  • Non-standard versions available
  • Low maintenance

Drive chain and sprocket applications

Our customers incorporate drive chains and sprockets in their machines for many different applications:

  • Agricultural seeders and harvesters
  • Sugar, cake, bread, preserves
  • Internal transportation and lifting
  • Elevators and escalators
  • Lumber and sawmills
  • Glass- and roof-tile manufacture
  • Paper production
  • Power plants and telecoms
  • Packaging bottling lines
  • Mining and quarrying
  • Petrochemical and cement plants
  • Laundries and dye works
  • Compressors, pumps, turbines
  • Rotary presses and offset presses
  • Rail trucks and railroad rolling stock
  • Conveyor and lifting installations
  • Steel mills, rolling plants, foundries
  • Port installations
  • Scrapers and lifting equipment
  • Spinning and weaving machines
  • Slaughterhouses and smokehouses
  • Concrete mills and electric cranes
  • Drying chambers and silos
  • Locks and movable bridges

Customer-specific chains and sprockets

BEGE not only supplies drive chains, sprockets and other transmission components; we also offer consultancy and develop innovative custom solutions tailored to specific industry or customer requirements.


Our many years of experience with chains, sprockets and lubrication systems enable us to provide customer-specific advice.

Our recommendations always focus on the optimum operation of the whole production process ; we look beyond just the chain drive. We focus on the customer’s specific application and its related performance requirements. If necessary, we may work together with our customers to develop integrated drive systems.

The operating conditions determine which approach is the most suitable, so we assess crucial factors such as load-bearing capacity, precision, tension criteria, service life and maintenance routines. This way, we ensure the right materials, dimensions and teeth are used.


If our analysis shows that the drive requires a custom chain or sprocket, we can produce any required custom parts on request. From non-standard bores to robust chains with a corrosion-resistant coating, from non-standard teeth counts to low-maintenance chains and special lubrication.

We also offer drive chains in stainless steel, with the optimum coating for corrosion resistance, or with tempered teeth (C45 – 55). To achieve better resistance to wear and tea, we apply specific surface treatments such as zinc or nickel plating. We also adapt standard chains and sprockets on request.

Your Reliable Partner in Drive Solutions

We make life easier for industrial enterprises by creating, optimizing and maintaining high-quality drives.

BEGE chains & sprockets: an overview

Our range of transmission components is made up of nine product groups:

Roller chains – RK

Strong and versatile. ANSI/ISO roller chains are often used for power transmission or as load chains, but used with special flight links they are also well-suited to use as conveyor or carrier chains. We supply simplex, duplex and triplex roller chains.

Efficiency of up to 98%, a long service life of approximately 15,000 hours, ANSI and ISO standard compliant production, high quality finish.

Available materials: steel, nickel-plated, zinc-plated, stainless steel (AISI 304, 316 and 600), and top-quality coatings.

Hollow pin chains – HB

Strong and wear-resistant. The possibilities for our ANSI/ISO hollow pin chains are unlimited, thanks to their precision.

Huge flexibility thanks, to the holes in which the flights can be fitted. Hollow pin chains can be combined to create a conveyor mat.

Available materials: steel, nickel-plated and stainless steel (AISI 304, 316 and 600).

Conveyor chains – TRK

Strong and superior. Our ISO conveyor chains are designed to handle heavy loads and are suitable for applications requiring high drive and loads.

DIN 8167 and DIN 8168 compliant.

Available in steel.

Leaf (flyer) chains – FLK

Strong and sturdy. The leaf chains we supply are available as ASME and ISO compliant.

Our customers use leaf chains for lifting and hoisting work, such as in forklift trucks, boom trucks and freight forklifts and elevators.

DIN 8152 and ASME B29.8 compliant.

Available in steel.

Sprockets – KW

Large selection and immediate availability. We carry an extensive range of sprockets and offer all standard versions, stainless steel and less common tooth counts in simplex, duplex and triplex.

We supply all sprockets pre-drilled as standard. On request, we can provide non-standard customer-specific versions, such as close-tolerance bores fully equipped with a keyway and/or tapped bore.

DIN 8167 and DIN 8180 compliant.

Available in steel, cast iron, stainless steel and plastic.

Platewheels – PL

All-round and fast delivery. The simplex platewheels we offer are available immediately or at very short notice.

A very wide range of these platewheels is available: 8 – 125 teeth and bore size 6 – 40 mm.

DIN 8167 compliant.

Available in steel, stainless steel and plastic.

Clamping bush sprockets – TBKW

Ready to use with no need to machine the shaft or hub. Our clamping bush sprockets are available either directly or at very short notice.

The clamping bushes have an external taper and a cylindrical bore. A wedge is necessary for extreme applications such as impact loads or extreme gear ratios. In that case, we will provide the clamping bushes with a DIN 6885 compliant keyway.

We supply simplex and duplex clamping bush sprockets with various tooth counts from 15 to 95, and bores from 43 to 180 mm.

DIN 8167 compliant.

Available in steel and cast iron.

Idler sprockets – KSPW

High precision for accurate alignment. We have a large stock of idler sprockets with outstanding precision.

All idler sprockets are supplied with a built-in, lifetime lubricated ball bearing. The extended inner race allows mounting without any spacer rings. The ball bearings and platewheels are press-fitted together.

These simplex idler sprockets are available with 12 to 21 teeth and bores from 16 to 25 mm.

Available in steel and plastic.

Chain tensioners and guides

All-round and high quality. The service life of a chain can be significantly extended by applying the correct tension.

A chain tensioner maintains chain tension and prevents the drive from sagging or rattling. A tensioner also has a damping effect that absorbs vibrations and impactful forces.

Long chains tend to sag, which leads to avoidable chain wear. This can be prevented by having the chain run through guiding profiles. Our polyethylene guiding profiles have copper and steel glide surfaces to prevent wear.

Our engineers have the knowledge and experience needed to deliver the right transmission components for your application. Feel free to contact us.


BEGE is much more than just a supplier and distributor of chain drives and sprockets. We assist industrial enterprises by matching individual components and providing the optimum drive systems.

Find out all about how we engineer full and smart integrated drive solutions.

BEGE service benefits

  • Longterm component availability
  • Short delivery times thanks to inventory in the Netherlands
  • Quick delivery
  • Reliable quality
  • Customer-specific advice
  • Custom solutions available

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