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Leaf (Flyer) Chain - FLK

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TYC Leaf (Flyer) Chain

Powerful and robust. We carry a wide range of TYC flyer chains. These chains are manufactured according to ANSI and ISO standards and designed for heavy-duty loads. Compared to precision roller chains, flyer chains have higher strength values, making them suitable for high-impact environments.

A variety of lifting applications greatly benefit from these roller chains, ranging from forklifts and boom trucks to container and freight lifts.

Leaf (Flyer) Chain: features & benefits

Large stock and quick delivery
Flyer chains are manufactered for heavy loads and according to ASME, ISO and DIN requirements
ASME leaf chains conform ASME B29.8
ISO flyer chains conform ISO 4347 and DIN 8152
Thanks to higher strength ratings suitable for high drive and load requirements
Widely used for lifting and hoisting purposes such as lift trucks, boom trucks, fork lifts and freight elevators
Interchangable with Standard ANSI/ISO Chains
Specialized & customized flyer chains on request

Large stock



High precision

Conform ANSI & ISO

Technical specifications & more info

Technical specifications

StandardizationDIN 8152
DIN ISO/ANSI numberAL222 - 1288, BL422 - 1446


TypeStandard, heavy-load
Execution2x2, 4x4, 6x6, 2x3, 3x4, 4x6

Optional features

Connecting link (cotter pin or E-clip type)

End plate


(Adjustable) Clevis

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