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Custom drives and controls

BEGE supplies customer-specific drives, controls and systems for various applications. Custom-made based on your requirements.

Customer-specific drives, controls and systems

BEGE is a specialist supplier of customer-specific drives and controls for various applications. We use our expertise and experience to design custom solutions that perfectly meet our customers’ unique needs.

Integrated drive systems

We engineer comprehensive, smart and integrated drive solutions for efficient and productive installations with maximum continuity.

Custom components

Innovation at the component level within an integrated drive system, from standard to custom and from small to large.

Corrosion protection

Specialist coatings for drives to prevent corrosion and wear. Our stainless steel range offers extra protection for demanding environments.

Product development

We develop custom products for specific needs, from custom drive and control components to full digital automation.

Condition monitoring

Our innovative drive system monitoring solutions increase efficiency and availability while minimising costs and downtime.

ATEX – Explosion proof

Our customer-specific ATEX drives offer safe, reliable performance in explosion hazard environments. Suitable for various industrial applications.

Energy efficiency

Our energy-efficient, customer-specific drives focus on potential savings, energy optimisation and reduced CO₂ emissions to save costs.

Engineering tools & comparisons

We use advanced engineering tools for comparisons and offer optimal drive solutions for customer-specific applications.

Safety and training

Our custom-specific drives maintain a strong focus on safety. Our training and support help prevent breakdowns and optimise performance.

To find out how BEGE’s custom drives can benefit your company, make an appointment with our engineers.

Customer-specific solutions

We have implemented numerous drive, control and automation solutions for a wide range of customers. Below is a selection of these applications.

Positioning bottles

Beverages & bottling

Mechanically aligning bottles

Wish: Precise mechanical alignment of PET/glass bottles, vials, jars and cans. Solution: Spiral drive line for filling preparation in automatic high-speed filling systems. Drive line runs 24/7 and monitors power consumption and temperature to promptly signal anomalies.

VFD drum motor

Fish & meat processing

VFD drum motor

Wish: Automatic deboning, descaling and peeling of fish and seafood. Solution: Conveyor with integrated drum motor and pressure rollers. VFD drum motor allows the speed to be matched to the product quantity and shape.

Operating egg transport system

Livestock & poultry farming

Operating egg transport system

Wish: Move eggs carefully and efficiently.
Solution: Egg trays transported to cart feed unit by a PLC-controlled vacuum conveyor that gently pushes trays into tray cart. Precise MIG encoder in cart feed drive for accurate positioning and minimal egg damage.

Driving and controlling mushroom picking bridge

Harvesting & crop care

Mushroom picking bridge

Wish: Automatic mushroom processing: sort; cut stems; pick, fill and weigh trays.
Solution: Automatic picking gantry continuously driven by efficient hypoid drives. Processes perfectly coordinated by PLC-controlled drives for optimal efficiency and speed.

Servo solution for optimal storage systems

Intralogistics & distribution

Servo solution for optimal storage systems

Wish: Optimize productivity, space utilization, inventory management and real-time load tracking.
Solution: A servo system with smart controls ensures exceptionally high throughput in fully automated storage systems.

Driving and steering AGVs

Intralogistics & distribution

Driving and steering AGVs

Wish: Load, unload, store and retrieve products, pallets or boxes automatically.
Solution: Drive and control automatic guided vehicle (AGV) drive and steering unit with outstanding precision and constant speed.

Waste flow conveyor

Recycling & waste disposal

Waste flow conveyor

Wish: Discharge waste from vibratory feed to cyclone separator.
Solution: Conveyor with drive drum and thermal overload protection carries waste to high-speed magnetic rotor.

Driving and operating winches

Ports & cargo transfer

Driving and operating winches

Wish: Drive winches moving heavy machinery or cargo on a cargo vessel.
Solution: VFD, encoder feedback and a simple handheld control panel for easy crane positioning and safe cargo moving.


Of course, BEGE offers customer-specific drives. But what are the different phases or steps of this process? This figure describes the process steps.

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