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Custom Drive Solutions

Innovation at the component level within an integral drive system; from standard to customized and from small to large.

Specialized, Customer-specific Drive Solutions

With years of experience in power transmission, BEGE not only supplies the parts, but also offers innovative customized solutions tailored to sector- or customer-specific requirements. Whether it’s a small, compact machine or an extensive, complicated system; when it comes to industrial manufacturing we can provide the answers to today’s challenges and tomorrow’s desires.

From supplier to innovator at the component level

BEGE was founded in 1950 as a supplier of components for power transmission. Over time, we started producing components such as the G-serie helical gearmotor and the MIG NOVA+.

In line with our mission of creating, optimizing and maintaining reliable drive systems, our services have shifted from being a pure supplier and manufacturer to being an integrated drive partner.

By combining various components into a customer-specific integrated drive system, we have successfully assisted countless companies in professionalizing their drive processes in recent decades.

Over the years, BEGE has increasingly focused on the innovation of customization at the component level. This means we select the best version of a specific component to fit perfectly within the machine. We cleverly combine and innovate existing technologies and deliver integrated technical customization to improve the drive process.

Modifications for Drive Systems, Products and Components

BEGE provides specialized customization in power transmission. Move the mouse over the labels to see all possible versions.