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Stainless Steel Drives

Efficient, hygienic, economical and durable stainless steel drives with high productivity.

The importance of a good stainless steel drive

Is your stainless steel drive not as efficient as it could be? Do you feel that the service life of your stainless steel drive is inadequate? Do you suspect that the drive’s protection against bacterial contamination could be improved, but don’t know how? Or are you considering replacing your current drive with a stainless steel version?

Food safe stainless steel drives

As a drive partner to machine builders in the industrial sector, we understand that along with maximizing production and profit, product safety is the main priority.

We know the specific challenges faced by machine builders in the agrifood industry and the importance of drives that are food safe, efficient, and perform well. That’s why we offer a wide range of stainless steel components.

We also make use of co-engineering, working closely with machine builders. Our engineers offer advice on the right technical choices. In addition to their thorough knowledge and expertise, we manufacture our components in-house, guaranteeing that everything will fit together seamlessly.

In an environment where production processes are increasingly high-tech and customer-specific, our food safe stainless steel drive systems significantly reduce operating costs while continuing to ensure high reliability.

Regulatory Compliance

Food Safety


Cost Effectiveness


Corrosion Resistance

BEGE Stainless Steel Drives

Thanks to our years of experience, customer feedback and continuous improvement of our products, industrial companies always have access to the most advanced stainless steel drives. BEGE manufactures stainless steel gear motors, gear units and encoders. We are also a supplier of stainless steel motors, transmission components and right angle gear units.

INOX Electric Motor

Stainless steel electric motors are ideal for applications that are subject to strict hygiene standards. With our stainless steel motors, your drive always meets HACCP requirements.

Hygiene standards require that equipment be capable of withstanding high pressure washdowns. BEGE offers stainless steel motors that exceed these requirements as standard and can withstand extremely rigorous cleaning; up to 100 bar at short distances (10-15 cm) and up to 80° Centigrade. Our three-phase motors are also suitable for variable speed applications from 5 to 75 Hz.

INOX Gear Unit

The stainless steel gear units we offer are designed for applications where the highest hygiene standards apply.

We supply straight, right angle, bevel and worm gear units for machine designs of all kinds. Our starting point is to save space without compromising on quality, reliability or performance.

The high efficiency, sturdiness and precision of these gear units ensure a long and maintenance-free service life.

INOX Gear Motor

BEGE stainless steel gear motors are not only often used in environments that must conform to strict hygiene standards, but also in situations with very high humidity levels and frequent cleaning cycles. This includes breweries, meat and poultry processing and dairy plants.

Whether for conveyor systems, intralogistics or hygiene applications, the properties of stainless steel gear motors make them the perfect solution in many industries.

BEGE Stainless Steel Drives: The Various Components

We supply an extensive range of stainless steel drives and components. Many components are interchangeable, and the many options and accessories create endless possibilities. A custom stainless steel drive consisting of an IP69K gear motor with built-in brake and MIG flange encoder, for example.

Stainless Steel Helical Gear Motors

Hygienic and wear-resistant. With BEGE Ströter stainless steel helical gear motors, your drive always conforms to HACCP and EHEDG standards.

Our stainless steel gear motors are designed for applications where the highest hygiene standards apply, without compromising on quality, reliability or performance.

INOX Helical Bevel Gear Motors

Very efficient and low maintenance, BEGE Ströter stainless steel helical bevel gear motors offer consistent and optimal reliability under harsh working conditions and S1-100% duty cycles.

Various shaft and flange configurations are possible thanks to the modular system.

Stainless Steel Worm Gear Motors

Compact and economical, BEGE stainless steel worm gear motors are characterized by their high quality, compactness and universal design. The gear motor can be installed in the machine or application in multiple ways.

These powerful transmissions are quiet, shock-resistant, and meet today’s high requirements.

INOX LAT Drum Motors

Compact and maintenance-free, LAT drum motors are used to drive belt conveyors for bulk goods. They are also used in beltless drives.

Thanks to their compact design and extensive options, these drum motors are suitable for a wide range of operating conditions.

INOX Right Angle Gear Units

Food-safe and maintenance-free, stainless steel bevel gear units are ideal for use in the food processing and pharmaceutical industries.

The combination of material choice, design and finish leads to maximum hygiene and acid and alkali resistance. Their high efficiency, sturdiness and precision ensure a long and maintenance-free service life.

INOX IE4 Electric Motors

Energy-saving and compact, these IE4 Super Premium Efficiency stainless steel motors are designed to significantly reduce energy consumption.

Their combination of elegant design and high-quality components results in a motor that offers strong performance, compactness and food safety.

Stainless Steel Premium Motors

Powerful and food safe, the protection rating of these IE3 stainless steel premium motors is IP69K thanks to an encapsulated terminal board, Viton O-rings and a standard integrated pressure valve.

High-grade materials, such as AISI 316 stainless steel, make these AC motors suitable for use in situations where the highest hygiene standards apply.

Stainless Steel Economy Motors

Cost-effective and food safe, BEGE stainless steel motors are renowned for their efficiency and food safety.

With the IE3 stainless steel economy three-phase motors, you benefit from an efficient and cost-effective food-safe drive that is suitable for applications where hygiene plays an important role.

INOX MIG Encoders

Ultra-precise and compact, the stainless steel version of our patented BEGE MIG® encoder is a magnetic encoder for intermediate installation with extremely high signal quality and a high-quality finish.

This stainless steel flange encoder fits in any machine and is characterized by high-quality technology, IEC standard frame size and compact design.

Stainless Steel Drive Components

Food-safe and precise, high precision stainless steel components compliant with DIN standards for optimally hygienic machines.

Wide range of stainless steel gears, gear racks, chains, sprockets, couplings and clamping fittings. We have not only all standard versions in stock, but less common tooth counts as well.

Would you like to learn more about how our custom drive systems can benefit your company? Arrange an appointment with our engineers.

Specializing in Integrated Stainless Steel Drive Systems

We use innovative techniques to engineer complete stainless steel drive systems and custom solutions. We guarantee that all components will work together seamlessly.

Comments from Satisfied Customers

The stainless steel drive solutions we develop are widely used in machines that sustainably prepare, process, preserve, cool, pack and freeze a wide range of foods, including bread, fruit, vegetables, chicken, candy, meat, oil, fats and seafood. Here’s what our satisfied customers have to say about us:

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