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Guiding Profiles

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Röchling Guiding Profiles

All-round and high quality. These guiding profiles reduce the drive energy required in conveyor systems and increase the stability of processes. Ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene takes care of friction, wear and material flow problems in countless technical applications.

A variety of industries are successfully using guide profiles, ranging from modern transport, storage and packaging systems to the bottling and beverage industry.

Guiding Profiles: main features

Manufactured UHM polyethylene "Polizene 1000" with a very high polymerization degree
The very high molecular weight is responsible for the high mechanical properties of Polizene 1000
Crack, tear and bending resistance
Used for guiding and supporting chains and prevents excessive wear
Noise reduction and self-lubricating
In addition to the standard versions, many special versions are available

High Quality Engineering

  • Strict Material Selection
  • Standard Quality Control
  • High Efficiency Technology

Allround Applicable Solution

  • Worldwide Use & Applications
  • Wide-Ranging Functionality
  • Long Life & Low Maintenance

Fast Delivery from Stock

  • Improve your Inventory Management
  • Reliable & Quick Transportation
  • Enhance your Productivity

Technical specifications & more info

Technical specifications

StandardizationDIN 8187
DIN ISO numberISO 06B - 32B
MaterialPolizene 1000
Stainless steel
ApplicationRollerchain (simplex, duplex, triplex)


Roller chain profile typeT, E, BL, U, CP, CT, C10, Combi, GTR, GT
Steel profile typeC1-3-5-7-9-10-11
Other profile typeZ, L, TR, LK, T, ZB, HR, ZK

Optional features

Other executions on request

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Repair & Maintenance

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