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Integrated Drive Systems

Engineering comprehensive and intelligent drive solutions to achieve efficient, productive installations with maximum continuity.

The 7 advantages of BEGE’s integrated drive systems

The integral drive systems developed by BEGE are the answer to the complex challenges facing power transmission. Our solutions feature seven advantages:

A single supplier for all drive components

We are the point of contact for all issues and deliveries in the field of power transmission. Our engineers are experienced in various industries and sectors and have a sophisticated solution for every complex technical challenge.

We supply all components of a drive system and combine these components into a complete drive. A single point of contact keeps everything straightforward.

Thanks to our extensive stock of replacement machine parts and vital components, you are assured of rapid delivery. We also manage customer inventory at our warehouse to keep your stocks optimized at all times.

2  Proven 100% compatible components

As a result of our central role, we can guarantee that all high-quality components connect seamlessly and communicate faultlessly with each other.

The frequency inverters, electric motors, encoders, gear units and other drive components we supply are designed and manufactured by us for complete mutual compatibility, guaranteed availability and powerful performance.

Extensive testing and analysis ensures the efficient interaction of all quality drive components.

3  Reliable system performance and optimal efficiency

Our stable, extremely reliable integrated solutions result in higher yields, maximum productivity and valuable cost savings.

We use only high-quality components and our drive systems are developed according to the strictest requirements and meet all safety regulations.

Because all components are ideally aligned with each other, our integrated drive systems lead to optimum availability and efficiency. This high degree of effectiveness also results in savings on energy costs.

Integrated Drive Systems

We make life easier for industrial enterprises by combining separate components into complete, optimized drive systems.