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Helical - AM

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Ströter AM Serie – Helical Variable Speed Gear Motors

Mechanical transmission control without electronics. The BEGE Ströter AM series helical variable speed gear motors are simple and robust drive components. Speed is easy and quick to control by means of a handwheel.

This drive does not contain expensive control cabinets and frequency inverters. With Ströter variable speed gear motors, you are able to make responsible and cost-effective choices when it comes to variable gears.

AM Serie – Helical Variable Speed Gear Motors: main features

Low maintenance and wear-free due to the use of hardened and ground gears
Standard suitable for IEC sizes
Pricely graduated control range of 1:10 and adjustable at standstill as in operation
Steel on steel friction discs guarantee extra quiet running and operation
Various coating qualities allow use in corrosive environments

Allround Applicable Solution

  • Worldwide Use & Applications
  • Wide-Ranging Functionality
  • Long Life & Low Maintenance

Durable Solution

  • Long Life & Low Maintenance
  • Durable Use of Materials
  • Robust Construction

Reliable Drive Technology

  • Proven Technology
  • Allround Applicable Solution
  • Long Life & Maintenance Free