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Levellers - P

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Tecnidea P Serie -Supporting and Levelling Components

Universal and suitable. Levellers are used to compensate for height differences in the ground for a stable and vibration-free installation.

We offer levellers made out of engineering resin, zinc plated steel and stainless steel and threaded bushings for round and square tubes, that are suitable for use in any kind of application.

Levellers: features & benefits

Fixed, articulated and adjustable feet
Suitable and beneficial for any kind of application
Available in multiple materials
Ensures a stable and vibration-free installation


Stable installation

Vibration-free installation

Technical specifications & more info

Technical specifications

Component materialReinforced polyamide base
Zinc-plated steel base
Nickel-plated steel base
Stainless steel base
Stainless steel spindle
Zinc-plated steel spindle
ColorBlack base


TypeFixed feet (comoulded)
Fixed feet (reinforced polyamide)
Articulated feet (reinforced polyamide)
Adjustable feet (reinforced polyamide)
Adjustable feet (steel base)
Adjustable feet (zinc-plated base)
Adjustable feet (nickel-plated steel)
Articulated feet (stainless steel base)
Adjustable feet (stainless steel base)

Optional features

Bases in reinforced polypropylene

Different colours

Anti-slip pads

Zinc plated washers and nuts

Stainless steel washers and nuts

With prebored fixing holes


Threaded bushings for rectangular tubes

Threaded busings for round tubes

Threaded bushings for square tubes

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