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One-Way Tensioners - TENBLOC GdR

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Tecnidea GdR Serie – One-Way Tensioners

The innovative solution to tension conveyors continuously, automatically, one-way (only push).

On the tensioner acts a ratches-gear which does not allow the column to reenter while working. The tensioner automatically takes up any stretching, but at hte same time it operates as a fixed tensioner.

This application is particularly useful for cutting out whiplashes and axial oscillations. The M8 screw on the bottom has the function both to create the uni-directional system and to pre-load the tensioner.

One-Way Tensioners: features & benefits

Automatic one-way system to tension the end of conveyors
Body made of aluminium with bushing made of brass
Column, stopper, screw cylinders and springs are made of steel
Pressure unit with 'uni-directional' spring to stretch, push and press
Completed with pre-load system
Sandblasted aluminium, galvanized steel components and greased raw spring

One-way tensioning

Conveyor component


Prevent axial oscillations

Technical specifications & more info

Technical specifications

Body materialAluminium
Component materialBrass bushings
Steel column
Steel stopper
Steel cylinders
Steel screw
Steel spring
TreatmentsSandblasted aluminium
Galvanized steel
Greased raw spring


TypeSpring return units
Spring non-return units

Optional features

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