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Planetary Bevel - EXB

High Quality Products

STM EXB Serie – Planetary Bevel Gear Units

Powerful and reliable. STM planetary bevel gear units are characterized by their high reliability, long service life and maintenance-free operation. The planetary drive train makes this gear unit the ideal choice for heavy-duty applications where high impact and shock are more the rule than the exception.

These powerful bevel gear units are compact, shock-proof and meet today's high demands in every respect.

EXB Serie – Planetary Bevel Gear Units: main features

Compact, and yet extremely powerful
Ideal choice for all the severe duty applications with frequent shock loadings and impacts
Highly versatile product configuration
Long operating lives without maintenance and wear-free
High-end of the market in terms of quality and performance
Very rigid structure enabling application of heavy loads

Durable Solution

  • Long Life & Low Maintenance
  • Durable Use of Materials
  • Robust Construction

User-Specified Configuration

  • Customized on Request
  • Easy Modifications
  • Endless Possibilities

Ideal for Heavy-Duty Applications

  • Extremely Robust
  • High Quality & Performance
  • Suitable for Tough Working Environments

Technical specifications & more info

Technical specifications