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LAT TM Serie – Stainless Steel Drum Motors

Space-saving and maintenance-free. Stainless steel IP69K LAT drum motors are used to drive conveyors for bulk goods in the food and beverage industry. They are also used in beltless drives. Thanks to their space-saving design and comprehensive customization options, these drum motors are suitable for a wide range of operating conditions where hygiene plays an important role.

Even in the most extreme conditions, these stainless steel drum motors have a long service life. They are resistant to high-pressure cleaning and meet the HACCP and EHEDG standard.

Stainless Steel Drum Motors: features & benefits

Stainless steel IP69K drum motors suitable for the food and beverage industry
Space-saving drive unit largely protected against external influences by the integrated construction
No danger of damage compared to externally mounted drives
Low energy costs and a low total cost of ownership
Smaller installation dimensions available
Can be executed with various rubber or ceramic coatings
Various special designs/executions on request




Energy efficient


Food safe

Technical specifications & more info

Technical specifications

Belt speed (m/s)0,03 - 4,5
Output speed (rpm)6,0 - 600
Belt pull (N)42 - 56.318
Nominal torque (Nm)1 - 22.527
Motor3-phase asynchronous AC-Motor
Power range (kW)0,03 - 132
Voltage/frequency230 / 400V - 50Hz
400 / 690V - 50Hz
Protection classIP69K
Isolation classF
MaterialStainless steel
LubricationISO VG100 synthetic oil
CertificatesCE, cCSAus, ATEX


Drum length (mm)355 - 1.550
Drum diameter (mm)61,5 - 800
Shaft dimensions D/E/F/B (mm)20/14/18/2,5 - 120/300/370/120
Clamping length L + x (mm)L + (5 - 300)
Clamping surfacesVertical
Connection typeTerminal box
Elbow connector 90°
Straight cable gland
Variable cable gland

Optional features

Also available as guide drum

PTC thermistor

Bimetal temperature switch

Pole-changing motor

1-phase motor

Rubber or ceramic coatings

Sprocket / toothed belt disc

Special voltage / frequency

Rust or acid protecting coating of metal parts

Higher ambiant temperature resistance

Special shaft configurations

Labyrinth seal

Sealing disc

Mechanical backstop

Electromagnetic brake

Clamping bearings

Incremental encoder

cCSAus certification

ATEX certification

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Repair & Maintenance

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