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Bevel gear & helical bevel gear motors

BEGE produces powerful, highly efficient bevel gear and helical bevel gear motors, known for their excellent performance and long service life.

Efficient bevel gear and helical bevel gear motors

BEGE is a manufacturer of robust helical bevel gear and bevel gear motors, renowned for their excellent performance, high efficiency, long service life and reliable operation. Thanks to their right-angle design, they ensure optimal use of available space.

We have a wide range and can deliver from stock. And because we produce the gear motors ourselves, we are able to customize our products to meet customer requirements.

Product overview

For machine builders looking for an angle drive, we manufacture a wide range of versatile bevel gear motors and helical bevel gear motors.

K series

Helical bevel gear motor

Strong and sturdy. Proven high-power helical bevel gear motors for robust machines. Flexible installation thanks to various options.

  • Power: 0,12 – 15 kW
  • Max. torque: 200 – 1250 Nm
  • Shaft diameter: 20 – 55 mm

VLM series

Bevel gear motor

Powerful and insensitive to shocks. High-quality ATEK bevel gear motors, with compact design and maximum power density.

  • Power: 0,12 – 22 kW
  • Max. torque: 25 – 2310 Nm
  • Shaft diameter: 12– 80 mm

Ultimate combination of efficiency, durability and flexibility

With a wide range of configurations, versions and options, along with robust and durable designs, BEGE bevel and helical bevel gear motors are the best choice for reliable and high-efficiency right-angle drive solutions in various industrial applications

  • High efficiency up to 98% for improved productivity
  • High-quality helical toothing made of hardened carburized steel
  • Compact
  • Long service life: more than 15,000 hours
  • Low maintenance
  • Quiet operation
  • Resistant to heavy loads, shocks and vibrations
  • Various shaft and flange configurations possible thanks to the modular system
  • Also available with stainless steel hollow shaft

We offer optional features and flexible customization, including different voltage and/or frequency, MIG encoder, IEC flange, free input shaft, brake motor, ATEX motor, DC motor, increased protection class, reinforced bearing output shaft, stainless steel output shaft, forced cooling, torque brace and hollow shaft cover.

Manufacturer of high-efficiency bevel gear and helical bevel gear motors

Our universal right-angle gear motors offer consistent and optimal reliability even under the harshest working conditions.

Right-angle gear motors at BEGE

Very high efficiency

High-quality components combined with our designs guarantee less energy dissipation, higher performance and high efficiency up to 98%.

High precision

Excellent precision in power transmission. Well suited to applications where precise positioning and motion control are essential.

Reliable and durable

The very long service life, high load capacity and limited maintenance lead to minimal downtime for optimal machine reliability.

Bevel gear and helical bevel gear motors for various industries

For applications where high performance and efficiency are important, bevel gear motors and helical bevel gear motors ensure optimal speed control, high torque transmission and energy savings.

Internal logistics

Our bevel gear motors are used in efficient drive systems with a continuous flow of materials, such as packaging machines, roller conveyors, palletizers, sorting systems and internal transport equipment.

Heavy duty applications

In the marine and offshore industry, bevel gear and helical bevel gear motors are used in ship drives, drill rigs, winches, hoists, positioning and lifting systems, and other heavy and demanding drive applications.

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These gear motors are the ideal choice for drives where power and motion must be transmitted at an angle. Our right-angle gear motors are precise, durable, highly efficient and available in many versions. Custom modifications are also possible.