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Stainless steel gear motors

BEGE produces efficient, hygienic and wear-resistant stainless steel helical, helical bevel and worm gear motors in 5 different series. We also offer custom-made stainless steel drives.

Food-safe and durable stainless steel gear motors

BEGE produces and supplies food-safe gear motors specifically designed for applications with the highest hygiene requirements, without compromising on quality, reliability and performance. Machinery used in food production must comply with HACCP and EHEDG guidelines, so our stainless steel gear motors are the ideal choice for many OEMs and food processing companies.

Moreover, we can deliver very quickly from our large stock. In addition, we are able to supply custom-made solutions because we produce the gear motors ourselves and, therefore, can meet specific customer requirements.

Product overview

BEGE stainless steel helical, helical bevel and worm gear motors are the food-safe and sustainable choice for corrosion-resistant and hygienic drives and machines. We manufacture 5 different series and also offer custom-made gear motors.

KE series

Premium stainless steel helical bevel gear motor

Hygienic and indestructible. Ideal for hygienic conveyor systems. Includes premium KBS electric motor. Withstands the most extreme cleaning cycles.

  • High-quality stainless steel AISI316
  • Very high efficiency and energy saving
  • Overpressure relief with pressure valve

KEE series

Economy stainless steel helical bevel gear motor

Economic and cost-effective. Solution for right-angle INOX drives in industries with high hygiene requirements. Efficient transmission. INOX motor with wide power range.

  • AISI304 stainless steel
  • Heat-resistant Viton O-rings/seals
  • Hygienic and space-saving

SE series

Stainless steel worm gear motor

Compact and cost-effective. Powerful, quiet transmissions, shock-resistant. Optional single/double insert shaft and output flange.

  • Self-braking with high gear ratios
  • Completely made of stainless steel AISI304
  • Heat-resistant Viton O-rings/seals

GE series

Premium stainless steel helical gear motor

Hygienic and indestructible. Includes premium KBS electric motor from European manufacturer and withstands the most extreme cleaning cycles.

  • High-quality stainless steel AISI316
  • Terminal box at rear of motor
  • Overpressure relief with pressure valve

GEE series

Economy stainless steel helical gear motor

Economic and cost-effective. Includes standard EBS electric motor with encapsulated terminal box with terminal board. High protection rating: IP69K.

  • Heat-resistant Viton O-rings/seals
  • Suitable for brake version
  • Standard TENV up to 0.75 kW

Customer-specific solution

Custom stainless steel gear motor

Custom gear motors that meet specific requirements and needs. Please contact us to discuss your requirements. We can provide custom options, such as:

  • Modified shaft configuration
  • Special flange or shaft mounting options
  • Intermediate flange encoder or brake version

High-quality gear motors with integrated encoder

For environments where production processes are becoming increasingly sophisticated and customer-specific, we produce and supply high-quality stainless steel gear motors with an optional built-in flange encoder. Some features and benefits:

  • Superior quality
  • Food-safe
  • Withstand high-pressure cleaning (including chemicals)
  • Corrosion-resistant
  • Protection rating up to IP69K
  • IE3 or IE4 efficiency
  • HACCP and EHEDG compliant
  • Ultra-precise and reliable
  • Fast availability from stock
  • Extensive custom options

Integrating a stainless steel encoder optimizes a machine’s production efficiency through accurate feedback. Our compact flange encoder adds at most 7 to 15 mm to the drive and is completely dust-tight, shock resistant and water-resistant.

Specializing in integrated stainless steel drive systems

We use innovative technologies to engineer complete stainless steel drive systems, striving for efficient, food-safe machines. We ensure that all components fit together seamlessly, helping to avoid wasting time, energy and food.

Stainless steel gear motors at BEGE

Manufacturer & customization

As a manufacturer of INOX gear motors, we offer custom solutions that meet the specific requirements of machine builders and guarantee optimum machine performance.

High-quality components

Heat-resistant Viton O-rings and seals, INOX gamma rings, encapsulated terminal box and board, PTC motor protection, drainage channels and high-temperature cover caps.

Durable & long lifespan

The properties of stainless steel combined with our designs reduce the risk of hygiene issues. The longer lifespan results in less maintenance and lower replacement costs.

INOX gear motors for high-hygienic industries

Expert in your industry

BEGE combines expertise in drive technology with specific industry knowledge. The result is a completely customer-specific drive solution that increases our customers’ competitive advantage.


For example, our stainless steel gear motors are designed to meet the stringent hygiene requirements of various industries, such as food processing, pharmaceuticals and chemicals. In addition, they are IP 69K rated, making them suitable for environments with very high humidity levels and frequent cleaning cycles with high pressure and high temperatures.

Countless applications

Our efficient and hygienic INOX gear motors can be seamlessly integrated into a wide range of machines such as chicken and fish processing machinery, mixers, filling machines, dispensing equipment, pumps, conveyors and ovens. For machines in dairy production, bakeries, the beverage industry, meat processing, medical equipment and cosmetic production, among others.

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BEGE stainless steel helical, helical bevel and worm gear motors are food-safe, efficient and durable and are available in many versions. Custom-made modifications are also possible.