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Corrossion Resistant Rotation - CIAO

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Tecnidea CIAO Serie – Corrossion Resistant Automatic Rotation Chain or Belt Rotation Tighteners

Reliable and silent corrosion resistant automatic chain or belt tighteners. The elastic elements of this CIAO-series are entirely made of plastic and stainless steel and are especially suitable for food and pharmaceutical industries as well as other applications affected by corrosion problems.

The elastic deformation of four cylinders lodged inside the place that result when two elements with square section are turned at an angle of 45° one to the other, produces high elasticity and high resistance to shocks, vibrations and oscillations. The available rotation angle is ±30°, thereby enabling 30° elastic rotation clockwise and anticlockwise from the rest position.

Corrossion Resistant Automatic Rotation Chain Tensioners: features & benefits

Keeps the system always tensioned during operation
Recovers the stretching and constantly absorbs vibrations
Prevents wear, high noise, vibrations, tooth skipping and breakage of the chain
Elastic elements entirely manufactured of plastic and stainless steel
Suitable for F&B and pharmaceutical industries
Suitable for applications affected by corrosion problems
The special design guarantees silent performances and high reliability
Interchangeable with other CRESA products
Can be used in many fields and various applications such as chain tensioners, belt tensioners, shock absorbers and vibration dampeners


No stretching

Stainless Steel

Long service life


Technical specifications & more info

Technical specifications

Body materialPlastic
Component materialBrass insert
Plastic lever
Steel rib
Steel bush
Stainless steel screws
Stainless steel bolts and nuts
Polyethylene blocks
Plastic crown
Steel bearings
Stainless steel bearings
Stainless steel rollers
TreatmentsGalvanized rib
Galvanized bush
Galvanized bolts and nuts
Operating temperature-35°C to +80°C


TypePlastic tensioning elements

Optional features

Polyethylene sliding block

Polyethylene wheel set

Idler sprocket wheelset

Polyamide roller

Stainless steel roller

Pre-loading type

Elastic elements

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