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Venanzetti VVC Serie – CSA Electric Vibration Motors

CSA-compliant and durable. CSA electric vibration motors are used to vibrate a vibrating sieve, gutter or table, but also to vibrate products in a bunker or landfill pipe. Vibrators ensure an efficient and continuous process with an unobstructed flow of material.

Our customers in Canada and the United States use these CSA-certified motors in gas and dust explosion hazardous situations. BEGE offers a wide range of external vibrators characterized by their all-round applicability, durability and safety.

VVC Serie – CSA Electric Vibration Motors: main features

Oversized shaft in highly resistant steel
Weights regulation system with graduated indicator from 0 - 100%
Labyrinth system for grease seal which ensures correct and long life lubrication
Protection of stator with VACUUM or DROP BY DROP system
Special execution bearings for continuous operation at 100% CF
Cover weights in Stainless Steel

Durable Solution

  • Long Life & Low Maintenance
  • Durable Use of Materials
  • Robust Construction

Quality Vibration Control

  • User-Specified Centrifugal Force
  • Weight Regulating System
  • Optimised Power/Weight Ratio

Standard CSA Compliance

  • According to Canadian Standards Association (CSA)
  • Health and Safety Design & Construction
  • Environmental & Energy Efficiency