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Micro - VV

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Venanzetti VV Micro Serie – Micro Electric Vibration Motors

All-round and durable. Micro electric vibration motors are used to vibrate a vibrating sieve, gutter or table, but also to vibrate products in small applications with little vibration power. Vibrators ensure an efficient and continuous process with an unobstructed flow of material. BEGE offers a wide range of external vibrators characterized by their all-round applicability, durability and optimized power-to-weight ratio. The combination of these features is the reason the VV micro series is used worldwide in machine and plant construction.

VV Micro Serie – Micro Electric Vibration Motors: main features

Oversized shaft in highly resistant steel
Weights regulation system with graduated indicator from 0 - 100%
Labyrinth system for grease seal which ensures correct and long life lubrication
Protection of stator with VACUUM or DROP BY DROP system
Special execution bearings for continuous operation at 100% CF
Cover weights in Stainless Steel

Allround Applicable Solution

  • Worldwide Use & Applications
  • Wide-Ranging Functionality
  • Long Life & Low Maintenance

Durable Solution

  • Long Life & Low Maintenance
  • Durable Use of Materials
  • Robust Construction