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Fan & Pump - H100

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LS Industrial Systems H100 Serie – Frequency Inverters

Energy efficient and easy to use. The LS H100 frequency inverters have been specially developed for use in ventilation and pump drives. The energy-saving benefits integrate seamlessly with environmentally friendly water treatment plants, fans and pump drives.

H100 Serie – Frequency Inverters: main features

Perfect solution for fan and pump drive applications
Maximized user convenience through various communication modules and easy replacement of the cooling fan
Built-in EMC filter to respond to the specifications for noise reduction
The size of control board is significantly reduced through the possibility of side-by-side installation
Main components are optimally deployed through thermal radiation analysis and 3D design to reduce size
Intelligent drive equipped with various protective and operation functions

Standard Global Compliance

  • Built-in DC Reactor
  • Built-in EMC Filter
  • Global Compliance (UL, CE)

Stable System Control

  • Various Protective & Operation Functions
  • Continuosly Stable Operation
  • Energy-Saving Functions

Complete Automation Innovation

  • Complete your Optimal Solution
  • Increased System Efficiency
  • Easy Control by User-Centric Environment

Technical specifications & more info

Technical specifications