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Hypoid - BPM

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BEGE BPM Serie – Hypoid Gear Motors

Lightweight and high efficiency. BEGE aluminum hypoid gear motors are often used for dynamic applications with large gear ratios and small installation space. Hardened and ground Gleason spiral teeth ensure a very high torque range.

With the BPM series of hypoid gear motors you achieve maximum efficiency by using mainly rolling friction (efficient bevel gear motor) instead of sliding friction (worm gearbox).

BPM Serie – Hypoid Gear Motors: main features

Hardened and ground Gleason spiral teeth can achieve an efficiency of at least 83%
Interchangeable flanges, couplings and shafts possible
Lightweight and cost-efficient die-cast aluminium alloy
Efficient in energy consumption and thus a better long-term investment
Various coatings allow use in corrosive environments

High Efficiency

  • Consume Less Energy
  • Low Cost of Ownership
  • Improved Productivity

Economic Solution

  • Small & Lightweight
  • Interchangeable Design
  • Low Noise Level

Durable Solution

  • Long Life & Low Maintenance
  • Durable Use of Materials
  • Robust Construction

Technical specifications & more info

Technical specifications

Ratio7,5:1 - 300:1
Output speed (rpm)4,5 - 187
Nominal torque (Nm)6 - 584
Max. torque (Nm)500