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I/O Stand Alone Type - APS

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LS Electric APS Serie – I/O Stand Alone Type

The LS Electric Smart I/O stand-alone enables I/Os to be controlled and read outside the controller. Sturdy screw terminals allow wires to be secured close to sensors. Available in all common I/O options with communication variants for EtherCAT, DeviceNet, Profibus-DP, and Modbus (RS-422/485).

I/O Stand Alone Type: features & benefits

Stand-Alone smart I/O's ensure efficient system environment
Wiring reduction and real time control of distributed I/O
Supporting DeviceNet, Profibus-DP, MODBUS (RS-422/485) and RAPIEnet (RJ-45)
Various I/O (DC/TR/Relay) modules with a unit of 16/32 points
Also available with an EtherCAT-based module
CE and CURUS certified

Efficient control

Simple system

Various I/O modules

Various protocols


Technical specifications & more info

Technical specifications

External Power Supply (V)DC24
Communication protocolEtherCAT 2x RJ45
Digital Input/Output16/16, 32/0, 0/32
Analog Input Voltage/Current4/4, 8/0, 0/8 (All three with 2/2 Output)
Digital Response Time<1ms
Analog modes±10[V]
1 -5[V]
Wire ConnectorsM3x6 screws


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Optional features

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