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EtherCAT - XMC

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LS Electric XMC Serie – Motion Controller

The EtherCAT-based motion control system XMC-series from LS Electric ensures an efficient system environment. These motion controllers deliver an optimized solution to a system that has a need for motion control.

With 8 digital inputs / 16 outputs, 2 analog inputs / outputs, 2 encoder inputs and EtherCAT devices (Servo drive, INV, EtherCAT I/O, Robot), all can be connected rapidly and easily.

XMC Serie – Motion Controller: main features

EtherCAT-based motion control system ensures efficient system environment
Delivers optimized solution to a system that has a need for motion control
All functions and options can be connected rapidly and easily
Sole, integrated architecture for programming, diagnosing and simulating for both motion controller and PLC
Extensive motion function blocks are integrated in XG5000 especially for the XMC
Integration with a variety of EtherCAT devices (Servo Drive, Remote I/O, AC drives, Robots, etc.)

High Productivity

  • High-speed program processing: 6.25ns
  • EtherCAT-based high speed cycle times
  • Built-in digital and analog I/O

Convenient Setup

  • XG5000 software for programming and monitoring
  • IEC standard motion function blocks
  • SD card slot

High Efficiency

  • Integration with a variety of EtherCAT devices
  • Various built-in functions
  • CAM & Robot control

Technical specifications & more info

Technical specifications

Power supplyDC24V
Operation system (Main/Periodic)Fixed cyclic and repetitive
Operation system (Initial)Only once at RUN
Control period (Main)0.5ms, 1ms, 2ms, 4ms
Control period (Periodic)Multiple setting of main task
I/O Control systemRefresh system
Program LanguageLD (Ladder Diagram)
ST (Structured Text)
Digital input / output8 points / 16 points
Program capacity (Mbytes)10
Max. # of control axis8
Max. # of virtual axis1
Max. # of slaves (including axes)16
CAM operation (#profiles)32
Encoder input2 line drive, voltage inputs (max. 500Kpps)
Digital input8 inputs @ DC12V ~ DC24V
Digital output16 Tr. outputs @ DC24V ±10%, 120mA
Analog Input2 voltage/current 14-bit inputs
Analog Output2 voltage 14-bit outputs
Serial Communication1x RS-232C, 1x RS-485


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