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EtherCAT - L7NH

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LS Electric L7NH Serie – Servo Drive

The LS Electric L7-series Servo Drives visualizes the perfect solution for optimal drives and applications. Its high-performance vector, precision and speed control are user-friendly and cost-effective.

The L7-series provides various functions-backup, network diagnosis, monitoring and built-in functions focused on improving efficiency or a convenient and quick installation and use.

L7NH Serie – Servo Drive: main features

Real-time control trough EtherCAT with improved communication speed (Min.250us, DC support)
High speed, Real-time capability and synchronization mechanism
Support for all industrial servo motors: Quadrature, BiSS-C, Tamagawa Serial ABS, EnDat 2.2, and resolver encoder
FFT for real-time frequency analysis
Provision of 4-stage notch filter and 2-stage vibration suppression with real-time gain function

Extended Functions

  • Free development software
  • Extensive software capabilities
  • Clear & user friendly

Flexible Application

  • Manufacture independed servomotor control
  • Internal controlsystem for position, speed and torque
  • Compact design

Userfriendly Functions

  • Vibration control by real-time FET
  • Real-time gain tuning
  • Integrated internal braking resistor

Technical specifications & more info

Technical specifications

Power supply3~ AC 200V
3~ AC 400V
Power range (kW)0.1 - 15.0
CommunicationEtherCAT, USB 2.0
Communication connector2x RJ45
Communication SpecificationsFoE (Firmware download), EoE (Parameter setting by UDP Tuning, Secondary function, Parameter copy), CoE (IEC 61158 Type12, IEC 61800-7 CIA 402 Drive profile)
Cia402 Drive ProfileCyclic Synchronous, Position Mode, Cyclic Synchronous, Velocity Mode, Cyclic Synchronous, Torque Mode, Homing Mode
Encoder OptionsQuadrature (Incremental), Biss-B, Biss-C (Absolute, Incremental), Tamagawa Serial(Absolute, Incremental), EnDat 2.2 Sinusoidal, Analog Hall
Frequency ResponseMaximum 1[KHz] or above (When using 19Bit Serial Encoder)
Digital inputDC12V ~ DC24V 8 assignable input channels
Digital outputDC24V ±10%, 120mA 4 assignable output channels
Analog Output2 assignable output channels
Safety Function2 Input Channels (STO1, STO2), 1 Output Channels (EDM±)
Dynamic BrakingStandard built-in brake (Activated when the servo alarm goes off or when the servo is off),
Regenerative BrakingBoth default built-in and external installation possible
Display Function7 segments (5DIGIT)
Additional FunctionAuto gain tuning function
Protection FunctionOvercurrent, overload, overvoltage, insufficient voltage, main power input problem, control power input problem, overspeed, motor cable, overheat(power module overheat, abnormal drive operation’s temp), encoder problem, over-regenerative, sensor problem, communication problem


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Optional features

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