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LS Electric L7P Serie – Servo Drive

The LS Electric L7-series Servo Drives visualizes the perfect solution for optimal drives and applications. Its high-performance vector, precision and speed control are user-friendly and cost-effective.

The L7-series provides various functions-backup, network diagnosis, monitoring and built-in functions focused on improving efficiency or a convenient and quick installation and use.

The L7P variant enables flexible control of servo motors from various manufacturers in real time with pulse trains.

L7P Serie – Servo Drive: main features

Supporting position control mode by pulse input (Modbus RTU protocol RS-422)
Additional external pulse encoder via I/O possible
Real-time functionality and synchronisation
Supporting rotary, DD and motor drive (Supporting 3rd party motor)
Quadrature, BiSS-C, Tamagawa serial abs, EnDat 2.2 and Resolver encoder support
Improved control bandwidth and vibration control by real-time FET
Providing 4-step notch-filter with real-time gain tuning function
Provision of 4-stage notch filter and 2-stage vibration suppression with real-time gain function

Extended Functions

  • Free development software
  • Extensive software capabilities
  • Clear & user friendly

Flexible Application

  • Manufacture independed servomotor control
  • Internal controlsystem for position, speed and torque
  • Compact design

Userfriendly Functions

  • Vibration control by real-time FET
  • Real-time gain tuning
  • Integrated internal braking resistor

Technical specifications & more info

Technical specifications

Power supply3~ AC 200V
3~ AC 400V
Power range (kW)0.1 - 15.0
CommunicationRS-422, USB 2.0
Communication protocolMODBUS-RTU
Encoder OptionsQuadrature (Incremental), Biss-B, Biss-C (Absolute, Incremental), Tamagawa Serial(Absolute, Incremental), EnDat 2.2 Sinusoidal, Analog Hall
Frequency ResponseMaximum 1[KHz] or above (When using 19Bit Serial Encoder)
Digital inputDC12V ~ DC24V 16 assignable input channels
Digital outputDC24V ±10%, 120mA 8 assignable output channels
Analog Input2 Input channels, Analog speed input (Command/Overide) ±10V, Analog torque input (Command/Limit) ±10V
Analog Output2 assignable output channels
Dynamic BrakingStandard built-in brake (Activated when the servo alarm goes off or when the servo is off),
Regenerative BrakingBoth default built-in and external installation possible
Display Function7 segments (5DIGIT)
Additional FunctionGain tuning, alarm history, JOG operation, origin search
Protection FunctionExcessive current/voltage/overload/overheating/speed, excessive current limit, low voltage, encoder/position following/current sensing fail


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Optional features

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