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Single-Phase - 5AZC

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Končar 5AZC Serie – 1-phase Induction Motors

Robust and durable. Končar single-phase induction motors are designed for everyday use in harsh conditions. The high-quality technology makes these motors suitable for highly demanding environments in agriculture and food processing.

By using high-quality and durable materials and their low maintenance requirements, they contribute to a higher availability of machines and installations. Thanks to their modular design, these single-phase motors can be fully adapted to specific requirements and needs.

5AZC Serie – 1-phase Induction Motors: main features

Suitable for various applications such as ventilation systems, supply of compressed air and pumping fluids
High quality of used materials, greased-for-life bearings, durable insulation system and low running costs
Suitable for wide range of drives with easy start and with increased starting torque
Terminal box made of plastic and contains terminal plate and capacitors
Suitable for very hard working environments
Higher reliability and easy maintenance

High Quality Engineering

  • Strict Material Selection
  • Standard Quality Control
  • High Efficiency Technology

Durable Solution

  • Long Life & Low Maintenance
  • Durable Use of Materials
  • Robust Construction

IEC Standard Size

  • Worldwide Standard
  • Broadly Applicable
  • Standard IEC Dimensions

Technical specifications & more info

Technical specifications

MotorSingle-phase IEC induction motor
Power range (kW)0,12 - 2,5
Poles (#)2, 4, 6
Input speed (rpm)3.000, 1.500, 1.000
Voltage/frequency230V - 50Hz
Protection classStandard IP54, max. IP55
Motor protectionOptional
Isolation classF
CertificatesCE, UL/CSA, ATEX


IEC Motor sizeIEC63 - 90
Motor contruction typeB3, B5, B14A/B, B34 & B35
Output shaft diameter (mm)11 - 28
Coating / colorAccording to ISO 12944

Optional features

MIG encoder

Special voltage/frequency

PTC thermistor

Two shaft free ends (on DE and on NDE)

Isolation class H

Special flanges and shaft ends

Flange mounting motors with flange and shaft extension according to NEMA

Terminal box on right or left side

Other colours/coatings

Fan cover with protection from rainfall and textile fibre

non-ventilated (IC410)

Winding for tropical environment

Winding heaters

Condensation drain holes

Roller bearings

Regreasing facility

Marine design

Forced ventilation (cooling type IC416)


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