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3-phase IE3 - H5AZ/H7AZ

High Quality Products

Končar H5AZ/H7AZ Serie – 3-phase IE3 AC Motors

Reliable and energy efficient. The 3-phase IE3 AC motors from Končar are characterized by their low noise, low vibration, high efficiency and nearly 100% recyclability. The high-efficiency technology makes these motors suitable for demanding applications in industry and shipbuilding.

Due to their reliability and low maintenance requirements, they contribute to a higher availability of machines and systems. Thanks to their modular design, these three-phase motors can be fully adapted to specific requirements and needs.

H5AZ/H7AZ Serie – 3-phase IE3 AC Motors: main features

Lower energy consumption which leads to reducing energy costs
Lower vibration levels i.e. lower noise
Higher reliability and easy maintenance
Lower cost of ownership
Conservation of natural resources
Optimised ventilation system with internal and external cooling

High Quality Engineering

  • Strict Material Selection
  • Standard Quality Control
  • High Efficiency Technology

IE3 Premium Efficiency

  • Future-Proof
  • Consume Less Energy
  • Reduce CO2 Emissions

IEC Standard Size

  • Worldwide Standard
  • Broadly Applicable
  • Standard IEC Dimensions

Technical specifications & more info