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Worm - SLM

High Quality Products

Atek SLM Serie – Worm Gear Motors

Powerful and robust. ATEK worm gear motors are characterized by a very high precision and efficiency. The powerful transmissions are quiet, shock-proof and meet today's high demands in every respect.

The SLM series offers a wide range with high torque; up to 10,500 Nm. This strong combination of properties is the reason why they are used around the world in machine and plant construction in, among other things, recycling facilities and purification plants.

SLM Serie – Worm Gear Motors: main features

Highly precise and powerful gear unit to cope with today's high requirements
Maintenance-free due to high quality spiral toothing made of hardened carburised steel
Very favourable engagement factors (high meshing ratio) for usage with high loads
Sturdy, powerful and low-noise design
Axial offset between drive and output
Low-backlash design possible with less than 6 angular minutes possible

High Quality Standards

  • Strict Material Selection
  • Standard Quality Control
  • High Efficiency Technology

High Precision & Powerful

  • Minimized Circumferential Backlash
  • High-Quality Gearing
  • High Efficiency

IE3 Premium Efficiency

  • Future-Proof
  • Consume Less Energy
  • Reduce CO2 Emissions

Technical specifications & more info

Technical specifications

Ratio5:1 - 83:1