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BEGE Partner Day 2019

Strengthen international partnerships for worldwide service.

While we received a dozen partners during our BEGE Partner Day last year, we welcomed 20 partners from three continents this year.

BEGE Family

Our distributors are valued partners who represent the BEGE range internationally. Across the border, they ensure that customers can be helped quickly and easily. They are an important component for growing BEGE globally. Although today’s technology makes it possible to have daily contact with the distributors, we want to bring the entire BEGE Family together each year to meet, motivate and inspire each other.


The BEGE Partner Day 2019 started with an introduction, followed by presentations from BEGE and each partner. In between, time has been set aside for lunch, a photo moment and a company tour. The inspiring day programme was ended with a drink and dinner on a boat with the view of the characteristic landscape of the Netherlands. This took place while we enjoyed musical performances from our own BEGE Band and from Aisoon, our partner from Thailand. All in all, this was a successful and companionable day. We would like to thank all of our partners for their presence, liveliness and commitment.

International growth

During the presentations, objectives, challenges, experiences and results are shared with each other. Through the informative and motivating Partner Day, we can help the distributors with providing the correct technical information, offering suitable products and supporting them in new, challenging projects. Thanks to the BEGE Family, we can help customers worldwide faster, easier and better with efficient solutions to guarantee their process continuity.

Onwards to the future

BEGE is constantly working on improvements and innovations to ensure that all processes run as smoothly as possible for the customer. Together with our distributors, we actively and confidently look forward to achieving the discussed objectives and to create, optimise and maintain high-quality drives globally.


Browse through the pictures below for an impression of this successful day.