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BEGE Power Transmission has taken 3 major steps in its pursuit of sustainability

BEGE Power Transmission has been implementing strong policies for both sustainability and corporate social responsibility (CSR) for many years. With investments in solar panels, climate control systems and infrared heating, we are now taking some major steps.


Sustainability as a core value

Sustainability is truly a core value for BEGE. We have achieved this by not only integrating sustainable processes and products, but also maintaining sustainable relationships with customers, suppliers and employees. Add to this the adherence CSR guidelines, and it is clear that BEGE strives for sustainability on both business and personal level.

Three major steps taken towards sustainability

With the enviroment and our employees as our main focus, we recently completed 3 major projects:

1. Reduced ecological footprint through solar panels

Solar panels have been installed on BEGE’s premises. The solar panels reduce CO2 emissions by as much as 36,414kg per year.

With the solar energy generated, We have reduced our energy needs and our carbon footprint.

2. Comfortable working environment

Fully in line with our commitment to sustainability, BEGE has also invested in climate control for the office spaces. This ensures a comfortable and productive working environment for our employees and contributes to energy efficiency by using advanced cooling and heating technologies.

3. Optimised heat use ensures energy savings

Finally, our warehouse is now equipped with state-of-the-art infrared heating systems.

This technology reduces heat loss by heating objects and people directly and saves energy.

Actively continuing implementation of methods for achieving sustainability

‘As an organisation, we understand the urgency of climate change and the role companies have to play in reducing their environmental impact. Our investments in solar panels, climate control systems and infrared heating are just the beginning to create a more sustainable future and minimise gas consumption. We will continue to look for ways to remain sustainable,’ said Coen Paulides, CEO BEGE Power Transmission.