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Custom MIG encoders for non-standard drives

MIG encoders for non-standard drives

For some time now, BEGE has been developing, producing and supplying the MIG encoder in the NOVA+ and Basic versions. Did you know that the BEGE MIG encoder is not only suitable for standard IEC motors, but that we can also adapt the encoder to customer-specific requirements if desired?

Customer-specific MIG encoders

Machine builders who are dealing with non-standard drives often cannot find a suitable encoder. As a result, either no or inaccurate feedback is likely to occur or the design of the drive must be modified.

Our engineering team supports those machine builders by designing an encoder that is specifically suited for the application. Some examples of special designs of MIG encoders:

  • Custom MIG encoder for mounting on the motor’s NDE (Non-Drive-End)
  • Modified MIG encoder conforming to North American configurations (NEMA)
  • Custom MIG encoder for special motors such as hydraulic motors
  • Custom MIG encoder for special motors such as DC motors
  • Milled off MIG encoder to fit the machine. In this case, the encoder is mounted directly on a gearbox

Customization and co-engineering

We understand that technical issues require targeted solutions. As a specialist company, we design custom MIG encoders. We partner closely with the machine builder to determine the specifications that the special encoder must meet. During this co-engineering process, we work with the customer’s engineers, which leads to innovative custom solutions tailored to industry or customer-specific requirements.

We can 3D print in-house samples. This allows us to test the newly designed encoder directly in the application. If all specifications are correct, we will then produce an aluminum sample. These samples can be used to perform endurance tests before the MIG encoder is produced in series.

What specific MIG encoder or custom component do you need in your drive? We would love to hear more about your co-engineering project.

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