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BEGE in the spotlight at ‘Family Business in Focus’

The magazine ‘Familiebedrijf in Beeld’ offers an insight into our family business in a personal way. With 36 pages of articles and a mix of topics, the magazine takes you on a fascinating journey through the world of BEGE Power Transmission.

A look behind the scenes

Read more about BEGE’s vision with articles from the management, including an interview with outgoing CEO Gerard Paulides. The magazine has not only managed to capture the facts, but also brings to life the essence, feeling and atmosphere of our family business, both in images and in text. With respect for the past, attention to the present and a look to the future.

Some sneak peaks:

  • Leadership transition at BEGE: a crucial transition with a vision for growth.
  • “Keeping stock costs money, but in the long term it mainly results in satisfied customers.”: an in-depth look at strategic inventory management.
  • Automation in action: course towards efficiency: discover how BEGE strives for operational perfection.
  • “Innovation is in our DNA”: dive into BEGE’s innovative culture.
  • An ode to job satisfaction: happy employees, great results.
  • Partnership and growth: building strong relationships for a prosperous future.
  • ‘Gherkin King’ Kesbeke and BEGE: a fruitful collaboration

And many more interesting interviews, stories and insights that offer a unique insight into the world of BEGE.

Meet our partners: customers, suppliers and employees

Delve into the experiences of different customers, suppliers and dedicated employees and discover how their collaborations and efforts are at the heart of our success story.

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