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Drum motors

A drum motor is a drive in which the gear motor is integrated in the drum. For everything from food-safe belt conveyors to cow brushes, BEGE drum motors are the right solution.

Drum motors: high efficiency in a compact housing

A robust and reliable drum motor, with its compact housing, is the ideal solution for applications such as belt conveyors. BEGE is the exclusive distributor of LAT drum motors in the Netherlands. They come with a domed bare steel jacket as standard. The protection rating ranges from IP65 to IP69K. Available options include windings for different voltages and frequencies, cylindrical drums, and braked versions.

Product overview

For machine builders looking for an integrated drive, we offer a wide range of solutions.

TM Series

LAT drum motors

Highly versatile, available in various widths (61.5 – 800 mm) and with many options, such as extra corrosion protection or encoders. For other needs, requirements and wishes, we provide custom solutions.

  • Power: 0,03 – 132 kW
  • Max. torque: 22.527 Nm
  • Drum diameter: 61,5 – 800 mm

TMRVS Series

LAT stainless steel drum motors

Stainless steel and food-safe with IP69K protection rating. Resistant to high temperatures and high-pressure cleaning. The best option for food processing and food production applications.

  • Power: 0,03 – 132 kW
  • Max. torque: 22.527 Nm
  • Drum diameter: 61,5 – 800 mm

Drum motors: an integrated drive

BEGE has been a leading specialist in drives for 70 years. During this period, we have developed a deep understanding of applications and innovations. As an exclusive distributor of LAT drum motors, we maintain close contact with the manufacturer and can communicate market requirements quickly.

BEGE offers the option of holding reserved stock. In addition, there are numerous options available for specific applications to meet unique customer needs.

  • Drum motors in various standard sizes
  • Numerous options available for various applications in the food industry, packaging & logistics and bulk goods
  • Non-standard frequencies, voltages and thermal protection
  • Various types of drive roll cladding: smooth, diamond profile, food grade, nub profile, and hot or cold vulcanized PU

Exclusive Benelux distributor of LAT drum motors

We supply compact, powerful and robust drum motors for a wide range of applications, such as belt conveyors and beltless drives

Drum motors at BEGE

High efficiency

LAT drum motors are especially efficient, with efficiency of up to 97%. This means low energy costs and a minimal risk of downtime.

Food-safe stainless steel

The stainless steel version is easy to clean thanks to its aseptic design and meets the strictest hygiene requirements.

Custom options

If a standard drum motor does not suffice, our engineering team can customize the drum in our workshop to suit your specific needs.


Our in-depth knowledge of drive technology and insight into specific industries, enables us to deliver perfectly fitting drive solutions. Some examples of applications where BEGE drum motors are used successfully and without failure are:

Luggage handling

Drum motors are often used in both belt conveyors and roller conveyors. BEGE supplies these products with the right cladding for the required friction. Optionally equipped with a brake and return stop, perfect for ascending conveyors.

Warehousing and dynamic order-picking

The compact design and simple individual control make it easier to implement dynamic transport systems. Adding an encoder allows objects to be positioned accurately and precisely.

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BEGE LAT drum motors are compact, powerful and robust, and are available in various versions. Customer-specific custom options are also possible.