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Planetary gear units

Maximum power transmission with powerful, precise and versatile planetary gear units. BEGE is your engineering partner for high-torque drives.

Planetary gear units for maximum power transmission

Planetary gear units are an ingenious gear mechanism in which the driving and driven shafts are in line. This clever design makes it possible to transfer high levels of power in a limited space. The gear unit consists of a sun gear, several planetary gears, and a ring gear. This configuration distributes the torque over the three planetary gears, so the torque can be up to three times higher than with traditional gear units.

BEGE supplies STM planetary gearboxes designed to offer impressive power, strength and versatility. These robust systems are shock-resistant and can handle large radial and axial loads with ease. With high reduction ratios, an excellent weight-to-power ratio and high output torque, they are ideal for applications requiring precision and power. In addition, they offer impressive performance with minimal backlash for maximum accuracy and controlled movements, making them especially attractive for applications with low speeds and high torques.

Product overview

For machine builders looking for very powerful and precise power transmission in a compact package, we offer two series of epicyclic gearboxes.

EX series

Planetary gear units

Versatile, compact and extremely powerful. The right choice for heavy-duty applications with frequent shocks and high impact. This series offers maximum reliability and precision.

  • Transmission ratio: 3.5:1 – 2882.9:1
  • Max. torque: 1,050 – 270,000 Nm
  • Shaft diameter: 38 – 180 mm

EXB series

Right-angle planetary gear units

Powerful and reliable. Ideal for right-angle transmission with high torque density. 
This series offers maximum reliability and power for a variety of applications.

  • Transmission ratio: 10:1 – 2341,2:1
  • Max. torque: 1.050 – 270.000 Nm
  • Shaft diameter: 38 – 180mm

Engineering partner for high-torque drives

As a leading engineering partner, we go beyond offering standard planetary gear units. Our expertise includes support in calculating power and in selecting the right gear unit for specific applications. Our engineers perform detailed force calculations based on the daily operating time, enabling us to provide precisely tailored solutions.

We also integrate planetary gearboxes into machines and applications, where we:

  • Ensure seamless integration to minimize conflicts and optimize machine performance.
  • Offer unique tailor-made solutions according to customer-specific requirements.
  • Share in-depth expertise in complex drive technology for optimal machines

The main optional features of our planetary gear units:

  • IEC flange
  • MIG encoder
  • Free input shaft
  • Reinforced output shaft bearing
  • Stainless steel shafts
  • Cooling unit

Extensive experience with robust STM planetary gearboxes

Versatile, compact and powerful planetary gear units for optimum performance
and high-torque drives.

Epicyclic gearboxes at BEGE

Maximum torque

Solid performance with maximum torque and unmatched power, ideal for the most demanding industrial and mechanical applications.

Custom design

Our expertise always guarantees the right planetary gear unit for every application. Our custom gear units contribute to optimum performance.

STM experts

As an experienced STM specialist, we quickly know which planetary drive is needed and we accelerate delivery for optimal results.


Planetary gear units play an essential role in a variety of sectors and offer optimal solutions for various applications.

Heavy continuous load with shocks and peak loads

STM planetary gearboxes are the ideal choice for applications with heavy long-term loads combined with shocks and short-term peak loads. Thanks to their sturdy construction, they offer durability and reliability under demanding conditions, making them suitable for use in industries with dynamic loads.

Concrete mixers

Precision and reliability are crucial when mixing concrete. Our planetary gearboxes provide the necessary power and robustness to ensure consistent and effective concrete mixing. STM is known for its high-performance epicyclic gearboxes, specially designed for optimum performance.

Winches and cranes

Reliability is paramount in the world of winches and cranes. Thanks to their compact design and strong performance, planetary gear units are often used in offshore cranes and pipelaying tensioners, such as when installing wind turbines on the seabed. STM gear units require minimal installation space and offer bi-directional power, so they play an essential role in smooth and powerful lifting operations.

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STM planetary gear units are powerful, precise and versatile. BEGE is your engineering partner for high-torque drives. Custom options are also possible.