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BEGE Automation Kit

BEGE Automation kit – Start automating immediately

Do you want to automate, but don’t know where to start? BEGE has developed an Automation Kit especially for you. This starter kit can be used by anyone who wants to learn to program (better).

Learning to program (better) cost- effectively

With this kit you can easily start learning how to work with LS Electric and BEGE products. Our engineers will help you take the first steps in the world of programming with LS. We also help you prototype the PLC software for your new machine.

The kit contains a fully assembled mini control box for both beginning programmers and experts. With this low-cost kit you can quickly and easily enter the world of automation. This set is also the first step towards learning how to use and programming LS PLCs and HMIs.

Package full of quality LS products

BEGE has assembled and programmed the kit so that you can get started right away. With the preprogrammed software, you learn step by step:

  • The basics of programming
  • How I/Os work
  • What ladder programming looks like

The BEGE automation kit contains a PLC XBC-DR10E, an HMI EXP20-TTA/DC, a USB-stick with software and all necessary cables. Of course, BEGE offers full support in explaining the hardware and software.

Extended version: the MIG Automation Kit

Looking for an easy way to learn how to use PLCs with a encoder function? The extended MIG Automation Kit also includes an explanation of our MIG flange encoders, along with an Advanced PLC with Encoder Communication module. This kit has a positioning function and an electric motor with integrated MIG encoder.

Do you want to start with automation quickly and easily?